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Sony may be suggesting that the PS4 has sold out, but Asda is saying otherwise with 155 of its stores promising launch day units on a strictly limited basis.

Asda says that it has stocked-up on PS4 consoles, meaning those who missed out on placing a pre-order can breathe a sigh of relief.

The regular £349 console will be available on a first come first serve basis, as will a Knack bundle for £379 and a Call of Duty: Ghosts bundle for £385. A range of games and accessories will also be available.

142 of the 155 stores promising launch stock will be open at midnight on Friday.

A list of participating stores will be posted on Asda Direct.

If you don't fancy a cold midnight launch you can still get a console bundle in time for Christmas from

Source: Press release

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Reeceleon's Avatar


I preordered just a ps4 no bundle from asda in October will I get mine on the release date?
Posted 23:06 on 26 November 2013
wearejimbo's Avatar


I go to Asda in Wigan every Saturday morning and they have never had any pre-order information on the shelves for PS4. There has always been plenty pre-order info available for XBox One, all the way up to last Saturday (23 Nov) when you could still apparently "Pre-Order" it? I am sure they must just have forgotten to change the shelf stock.
They probably got pre-order stock for PS4 but never put it up for pre-order hence the availability now.

Please note that this is only my view from my experience. I have my PS4 on pre-order from the almighty Amazon so never bothered asking the staff at Asda about it.
Posted 17:33 on 26 November 2013
tris1066's Avatar


Sadly not in the asda store I work in. In fact asda colleagues were the first to have their pre orders cancelled so more stock would be available to customers rather than colleagues using discount cards :(
Posted 16:14 on 26 November 2013
anialator136's Avatar


might just visit asda if currys fails me for a launch day model
Posted 14:55 on 26 November 2013
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