Xbox 720 specs emerge: 8-core CPU, 8GB RAM, DirectX 11.1 and Blu-ray

Next-gen Xbox on a par with PlayStation 4, latest leak suggests.

11 Publish date 3:21pm at 21 Jan 2013

PlayStation 4 features an 8-core CPU, ultra-fast RAM, and... 'secret sauce'?

Latest report hints at super-powered next-generation PlayStation.

11 Publish date 10:21am at 21 Jan 2013

Skype to be used for next gen Xbox voice chat

Microsoft to consolidate all communications technology around the Skype platform.

Publish date 9:44am at 17 Jan 2013

PS4 and Xbox 720 likely to cost $350-$400

Will be released in October and November 2013, respectively, says analyst.

9 Publish date 10:57am at 14 Jan 2013

Has Valve acquired a two-man dev outfit in San Francisco?

Reports suggests Jeff Gates and Tod Semple are setting up a new Valve office.

Publish date 11:27am at 14 Dec 2012

PlayStation 4 to support 4K video resolution

Electronics giant hopes to push the new tech via the next PlayStation, claims source.

10 Publish date 11:41am at 23 Aug 2012

Wii U release date announcement set for September 13?

Reggie to host 'major' Wii U press event next month.

Publish date 9:45am at 22 Aug 2012

Thief 4 to skip current gen for Xbox 720, claims report

OXM sources indicate the game will launch in 2013.

1 Publish date 11:53am at 08 Aug 2012

Microsoft already developing next-gen Surface?

It appears that Microsoft has unintentionally outed the next generation of its range of Surface tablets before the first generation has even been released.

1 Publish date 10:35am at 08 Aug 2012

Okami getting HD port on PS3?

An HD version of Capcom's PlayStation 2 classic Okami could be set for release on PS3, according to a report.

Publish date 9:22am at 19 Jun 2012

Microsoft to reveal iPad rival on Monday, claims report

Microsoft will reveal a new Windows 8 tablet to rival the iPad on Monday, a source has claimed.

6 Publish date 10:09am at 15 Jun 2012

Nintendo cancels Eternal Darkness 2? Silicon Knights' future 'left in limbo'

Denis Dyack's studio hangs in the balance, new rumours claim, as Eternal Darkness 2 is allegedly scrapped by Nintendo.

3 Publish date 11:24am at 11 Jun 2012

Call of Duty Elite rival, Battlefield Premium, set for E3 reveal?

EA will unveil Battlefield Premium, a Call of Duty Elite style subscription service, at E3.

2 Publish date 5:16pm at 14 May 2012

Apple to launch iPad mini this autumn?

Identical to the current iPad but with a 7-inch screen.

5 Publish date 1:00pm at 11 May 2012

Is Internet Explorer 9 web browsing coming to Xbox 360?

There's also the suggestion that Kinect gesturing and voice control will be integrated into the web experience. Whilst Kinect won't be mandatory for Internet Explorer, the source states that the browser has been tuned for Kinect.

14 Publish date 9:17am at 11 May 2012
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