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Disney Closes LucasArts

Long-standing studio sees layoffs as Disney shifts to a licensing-only model.

7 Publish date 8:54pm at 03 Apr 2013

New Square Enix president to eliminate what's failing

Plans to conduct a company-wide review.

1 Publish date 12:49pm at 03 Apr 2013

264 Blockbuster stores saved as buyer is found

Gordon Brothers Europe takes over the DVD rental chain for an undisclosed fee.

1 Publish date 11:52am at 25 Mar 2013

Garriott explains most game designers 'suck' comment

Wasn't tooting his own horn, insists Lord British.

1 Publish date 9:40am at 21 Mar 2013

Asda in talks to save HMV

Deal must be struck in the next fortnight as retailer faces hefty rent bill.

7 Publish date 9:32am at 12 Mar 2013

Capps no longer working with Epic

Plans to remain on the board of directors had to change.

2 Publish date 10:46am at 08 Mar 2013

Hilco in talks for £50 million deal to save 130 HMV stores

Hopes to complete the acquisition within three weeks.

Publish date 10:29am at 01 Mar 2013

EA confirms layoffs as publisher transitions to new platforms

EA Montreal and LA suffer an undisclosed number of staff losses.

Publish date 9:33am at 22 Feb 2013

A further 37 HMV stores will close

Closures expected to take place over the next four to six weeks in parallel with the earlier announced 66 store closures.

4 Publish date 12:58pm at 20 Feb 2013

HMV restructuring doesn't look good for gaming

Cuts its games team down in size from 10 to just two.

Publish date 11:09am at 15 Feb 2013

164 more Blockbuster stores to close

Affected stores will give notice of closure to customers.

Publish date 12:59pm at 13 Feb 2013

Deloitte to shut 60-100 HMV stores, claims source

Stores to remain open until stock is shifted.

Publish date 10:26am at 04 Feb 2013

Vigil veterans join Crytek forming Crytek USA

36-person studio led by David Adams, former general manager and co-owner of Vigil.

1 Publish date 9:12am at 29 Jan 2013

Up to half of all HMV stores could close in restructure

Hilco did the same to HMV Canada to great success.

5 Publish date 11:58am at 28 Jan 2013

US Bankruptcy Court approves the sale of THQ's assets

THQ estate to receive approximately $72 million from the sale.

Publish date 2:55pm at 24 Jan 2013
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