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Sony forecasts loss of £1.3 billion blaming its smartphone business

Hit with an impairment charge of  £1.04 billion.

3 Publish date 10:51am at 17 Sep 2014

From Russia With VideoGamer - Piracy

VideoGamer's very own Russian liaison, Max Saprykin, explains why he's never known the loving touch of a Nintendo 64 and why piracy is such a big part of Russian gaming.

3 Publish date 2:09pm at 19 May 2014

Neversoft name retired as studio is merged into Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward

The former Tony Hawk's Pro Skater developer helped IW with Call of Duty: Ghosts.

2 Publish date 11:15am at 06 May 2014

Facebook & Oculus: What does it mean?

Kickstarter's Lament

3 Publish date 6:00pm at 26 Mar 2014

Epic Games partners with Staffordshire University to create world-class facilities

The Epic Games Centre is a fully equipped space for use by students on the university's games design courses.

3 Publish date 2:22pm at 23 Jan 2014

GAME sales up 83% over holiday shopping season

Year-on-year growth driven by launches of Xbox One and PS4.

2 Publish date 11:31am at 15 Jan 2014

HMV 150 Oxford Street has closed for good

Opened in 1986 – was the largest music store in the world until its closure.

1 Publish date 4:35pm at 13 Jan 2014

China temporarily lifts ban on sale of foreign games consoles

Opens the door for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo after 14-year shut out.

Publish date 11:24am at 07 Jan 2014

Blockbuster appoints administrator

"A difficult and upsetting time for everyone involved at Blockbuster."

Publish date 12:55pm at 11 Nov 2013

New CryEngine fully supports Xbox One, PS4, PC and Wii U

No longer to be identified by version numbers to better reflect its constant updates and upgrades.

3 Publish date 3:38pm at 21 Aug 2013

Zynga confirms widespread layoffs

18 per cent of the workforce to be let go as part of structural changes.

Publish date 9:55am at 04 Jun 2013

John Needham appointed studio head of Lionhead

New boss will lead Lionhead towards an "ambitious online future", says Phil Harrison.

Publish date 9:54am at 23 Apr 2013

Games consoles now in 50% of UK households

Up from 47% in 2011.

1 Publish date 10:21am at 18 Apr 2013

400 jobs at risk at HMV as new owner looks to cut costs

Security guards, cashiers and supervisors to be culled at all but the most in demand stores.

Publish date 12:49pm at 15 Apr 2013

EA confirms further layoffs

Around 200 people rumoured to have been let go at EA Montreal.

Publish date 9:34am at 12 Apr 2013
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