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Ace Attorney 5 is in development, Capcom announced over the weekend during the series' 10th anniversary event.

We'll have to wait a little longer for solid information on the sequel, however, with only the logo revealed.

In other Ace Attorney news, Capcom also revealed that Ace Attorney 123HD will be released for iOS and Android platforms. The set combines the first three games in the much-loved series, remastered with higher resolution artwork.

Expect the iOS version shortly, with the Android edition a little later. iOS gamers who already own the first game can upgrade to the HD version. Analysis

Ace Attorney must be set to make the transition from DS to 3DS, but Capcom isn't ready to announce platform details at this time.

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Thats all well and good capcom but what happened to my professer layton vs ace attorney! I've heard not news on the subject from capcom or level 5 for months!!
Posted 13:04 on 30 January 2012
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