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PlayStation 4 owners will be able to access their digital game library from any other PS4 and begin playing almost immediately, Sony's R&D senior team leader Neil Brown has told an audience at Develop.

"You can visit your friends house you can log into your account and play any game from your digital library, which is good. But how useful is that if it takes half a day to download the game you want to play?" asked Brown. "With Play As You Download you get much quicker access to at least the first section of the game so you can start playing quicker. So this makes a digital library a practical option in the real world."

Play As You Download should also do away with the horrible disc install times which many PS3 titles suffered from.

"A similar system also works on Blu-ray, chunks are automatically copied to the hard drive in the background," explained Brown. "This means that after the first few minutes your game can rely on having faster read speeds from the hard drive. Which provides a better experience for players, and this is a completely background process for the player. They don't have to wait for anything to install before playing the game. The game will launch as soon as the disk has been put in the drive." Analysis

Game sharing has been commonplace on PS3, with users able to log in with their account details on another person's console to gain access to their game library. It's not clear how the PS4 system will be different – besides the ability to play before the full game is downloaded.

Xbox One will also offer similar functionality with its digital games, with users able to access their library on other systems.

Source: OPM

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This is awesome.
Posted 18:23 on 11 July 2013
JimB22's Avatar

JimB22@ dav2612

unless said friend has a rich daddy with a cinema room to play in ?
Posted 16:48 on 11 July 2013

pblive@ Endless

According to the PS4 ad that's exactly what you can do. They showed the option of downloading either Killzone Single or Multiplayer bits first.

I doubt all games will have this option, but its a good start.
Posted 14:53 on 11 July 2013
dav2612's Avatar


If you want to play your digital games at a friend's house then does it not make more sense for your friend to come to your house instead?
Posted 14:29 on 11 July 2013
Endless's Avatar


As long as the Play As You download is clever enough to download the bits you need, then great. Downloading the beginning of the game when you head to a friends house is more or less pointless, unless your purpose is to show them the beginning f the game? Plausible. In an ideal world we would be able to download either just the multiplayer bit, or it be clever enough to start the download at a point where our saved game needs it to start to function. That would be some clever shiz.
Posted 13:32 on 11 July 2013
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