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The Wii U Basic console may ship with 8GB of Flash memory, but only 3GB of that is actually available to use, Nintendo has revealed.

Discussing the console's storage space in the latest Nintendo Direct (translated by Kotaku), Nintendo confirmed that the Wii U Basic actually contains 7.2GB of available memory after formatting - and that 4.2GB of that is reserved for profile and system data,

That leaves players with just 3GB of usable memory.

That's just enough to download a copy of New Super Mario Bros. U, which weighs in at 2GB, but just a tad shy of the 3.2GB required to download a copy of Nintendo Land.

The 32GB Wii U Premium console, meanwhile, ships with 24.8GB of usable storage space.

Both models will, of course, be compatible with external hard drives, allowing players to boost their total available storage space by purchasing a third-party HDD or USB Flash drive.

Nintendo doesn't recommend using the latter, though. According to Kotaku, a USB Flash Memory drive's "cycling capability can impact gameplay".

Wii U launches in the UK on November 30. If you've pre-ordered one, have you ordered a hard drive to go with it?

Source: Nintendo Direct/Kotaku

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FantasyMeister's Avatar


P.S. Think I found something suitable and only £42.96, although I have a feeling the price might go up a tenner once the Wii-U launches. Would this do the job?
Posted 21:22 on 17 November 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar

FantasyMeister@ Mintyrebel

My interest perked up when I saw a hands on with Mass Effect making great use of the Wii-U gamepad. The potential for revitalising the RPG genre is phenomenal if used correctly, but it did put the Wii-U on my short-term radar.
Posted 21:18 on 17 November 2012
Mintyrebel's Avatar

Mintyrebel@ FantasyMeister

My honest suggestion would be: Don't buy a Wii U. (Not I'm not trolling, I'm serious)
Posted 21:12 on 17 November 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I'm putting myself in the shoes of a potential Wii-U buyer for this one. Reading around you can't play games from an external hard drive if it's flash, and Nintendo recommend a Y-cable type HDD or self-powered (plug into the wall).

I'd prefer Y-cable so started looking around for suitable 500GB-1TB external HDDs to use with a Wii-U.

I got stumped at that point. Any recommendations?
Posted 21:09 on 17 November 2012
Woffls's Avatar


Only problem with the external HDD thing is the Wii U formatting isn't natively readable by other systems like a PC, so you'd have to work around that somehow for media storage and stuff. I assume Wii U can actually play back music and video from external storage??!
Posted 15:08 on 15 November 2012
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ Woffls

Yeah the ability, to use you own external HHD or SSD up to 2TB, does ofset this fact, for most gamers. In some way it's kind of similar to the way MS sell the xbox 360, with an arcade model without a hardrive thats cheap, and more expensive models with a hard drive. Except in this case you aren't required to have a proprietry HDD, because Nintendo isn't selling on. You can get your own.
Posted 14:08 on 15 November 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


Oof, that's rather a kick in the gentleman's region! That'll cover... what? Maybe a single game install (and little else)?
Posted 13:24 on 15 November 2012
Woffls's Avatar


Yeah I'm in agreement with MJTH. I hate inaccurate advertising of storage space, but practically this isn't a huge issue. Nintendo have made external storage a very viable option, so internal storage can fairly only be used for stuff like a couple of demos and loads of small games.
Posted 13:10 on 15 November 2012
MJTH's Avatar


I dislike how "truthful" companies are now with storage memory capacity nowadays. They always seem to "forget" to mention how much the OS will take up of this internal memory.

I get the feeling though if you had bought the basic bundle at launch, you either fall into one of two groups. Either (A) you were not going to be downloading games to the internal memory anyway so this isn't much an issue or (B) you had always intended to buy an external hard drive anyway, so saying some cash on not buying the premium bundle.

I'm getting a premium bundle with "24 GBs usable" memory, and I'm the kind of person who if he paying more then £20 for a game, I want it on a disc, so this isn't an issue for me anyway. I'm was not going to be downloading digital copies of large retail games. Although I might get and external passport drive if I buy a lot of e-shop games.
Posted 10:26 on 15 November 2012
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