The 3DS is outselling Sony's PS Vita in Europe by a factor of approximately 2:1 or greater each week, according to graphs released by Nintendo as part of its overnight conference with investors.

vita3dschart -

Whilst exact figures aren't available, a chart indicates that the 3DS has been shifting approximately 40,000 units per week on average, compared to PS Vita's 10,000 to 20,000 units.

PS Vita came sprinting out of the blocks at launch, but quickly settled into an uninspiring sales pattern.

To make matters worse for Sony, Nintendo feels its 3DS has underperformed outside of Japan.

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MJTH's Avatar


The Vita has a severe lack of public publicity as well. The 3DS was suffering the same problem at first, until every non specialist press outlet started releasing stories about how the 3D could be bad for the eyes. The internet fought back stating that it could easily be disabled and then suddenly everyone knows the difference between the 3DS and the DS. Then the priced dropped and some good games came out and it starts selling big. The Vita is still facing an identity problem because not a lot of people know it's out, and since they don't know about it they could be mistaking it for a PSP.

Then there is the fact that, like the 3DS and Wii U, it seems to be getting a lot of bad press, and the majority of good press is being ignored by mainstream publications for one reason or another. I read occasional read the official *place console manufacturer name here* websites and magazine and, whilst these publications are biased, a good chunk of the time I see a nice bit of good, if not great news, that you wouldn't see on any of the bigger site.

The Vita is a great devise and is integral to both it's success, but also the 3DS' success. Sales breeds competition, which creates good games.

@ BC_Aninus 3DS XL sale only account for around 1.9 million of overall sales
Posted 16:47 on 25 October 2012
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Have to keep in mind that die hard fans of the 3DS probably have purchased two consoles already at this stage, with the 3DS XL having been released.

To be honest I personally think neither of the platforms offer anything unique to the average gamer at this stage, and don't really warrant purchases, considering the prices. Although at a retailer's POV it is probably easier to recommand the 3DS to customers, with its lower price and its backwards compatibility with the DS cards.

The Vita actually have a pretty decent backlog of titles from the PSN store too - but I doubt your average retail staff, or the mums and dads buying these as presents, would know that or even take that into consideration.
Posted 15:50 on 25 October 2012
BC_Animus's Avatar

BC_Animus@ Woffls

Btw Woffls, breaking news. Studies have shown that 1/9 gamers are out of beer...
Posted 15:40 on 25 October 2012
Woffls's Avatar

Woffls@ munkee

I'd rather see positive news about stuff as well, because I sometimes think that games websites are needlessly pessimistic about things just so that people can hear what they want. I'd rather be challenged by Vita having useful functionality than just hearing that their StreetPass rip off is so underutilised that nobody remembers what it's called.

3DS had a similar reception, and Wii U is getting it now. There's just so much more bad news in circulation than good news. Vita has had it pretty bad for a while now, and I won't say that it's entirely unwarranted for any platform, but it does seem harsh.
Posted 15:24 on 25 October 2012
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munkee@ Woffls

Oh, I agree. You would be putting words in my mouth for you to have read that in my comment.

But, I think that video game websites do have a responsibility. They have swaying power over huge sums of consumers. If a load of reviews call a game out to be rubbish, then not many people will buy it. Similarly, if a rubbish game gets great reviews people will buy it.

My point isn't that consumers should be held responsible for the decline of a console. It's that people with persuasive power should use their power carefully.
Posted 15:05 on 25 October 2012


I'm doing what I can, The Joypads is certainly a Vita friendly website :)

Also, I'm pretty sure the 3DS is outselling the Vita, but graphs are often mis-represented easily by taking specific data to make a point and this isn't even based on validated figures by the sound of it.
Posted 13:25 on 25 October 2012
Woffls's Avatar

Woffls@ munkee

Similarly: "no consumer in their right mind is going to invest large sums of money into a product that shows no signs of being able to return the investment."

The responsibility should not be on consumers to validate a platform; it might as well be put on Kickstarter.
Posted 13:06 on 25 October 2012
munkee's Avatar


I agree. It seems as if the internet is killing Vita. Not Sony.

If person A is thinking of buying a Vita, then they'll likely hit the video game sites to find out a little information on it first. They'll unfortunately be presented with page after page of gloom about the console and decide that its would be a bad purchase.

The more people that buy it, the better it will become. The hardware is incredible. But, no publisher in their right mind is going to invest large sums of money into a product that shows no signs of being able to return the investment.
Posted 12:40 on 25 October 2012
guyderman's Avatar

guyderman@ dav2612

As we discussed earlier - no one seems interested in reporting anything about upcoming games or even reviewing ones that have been released for the Vita.

As an example I would've thought that seeing as though the news that NFS was being pushed back to 2013 was worth reporting that maybe the fact that it is now being released on the same day as the other versions may have been worth reporting too, but most sites seem to have just added a quick note update to their previous report which still has a headline stating a 2013 release date!
Yet facts like 'a week to wait for a teaser trailer for some game way off' is deemed news worthy?
Sony aren't helping themselves but to be honest most game sites don't seem interested in helping either! Shame really!
Posted 12:12 on 25 October 2012
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ dav2612

In all fairness I have seen TV ads for it during some of the football, so they are pushing it in Europe or at least here still.

I think comunnity events or town centres are better as it's a hard device to pitch on an advert in my view.
Posted 12:03 on 25 October 2012
dav2612's Avatar


Does anyone even know the Vita exists? I seldom see any marketing for it and it is the only format I cannot buy a game for in my local Tesco stores. The only time it seems to get any coverage is when it is a doom and gloom story.
Posted 12:01 on 25 October 2012
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