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Is Pokemon Gray coming to 3DS?

The domain PokemonGray.com has been registered by Melbourne IT DBS, suggesting an enhanced version of Pokemon Black/White is on the way.

Publish date 8:54am at 20 Oct 2011

Dual analogue 3DS on the cards?

The 3DS is less than a year old, yet rumours are spreading about a redesign. Not only will this supposed new shell for the console change its physical appearance, but also bring with it a second analogue stick.

5 Publish date 9:23am at 23 Aug 2011

Kojima working on Zone of the Enders for Nintendo 3DS?

Legendary game designer Hideo Kojima has posted images of what appears to be a brand new Zone of the Enders game for Nintendo 3DS.

2 Publish date 10:21am at 16 Aug 2011

900,000 3DS units for Euro 3DS launch

Spread over the first three weeks.

Publish date 11:28am at 21 Jan 2011

Jonathan Ross hints at Metroid 3DS announcement

Will a new game in the classic series be announced on Wednesday?

4 Publish date 2:18pm at 17 Jan 2011

3DS to feature friend codes

SSFIV 3D preview mentions the much maligned online system.

3 Publish date 4:30pm at 13 Jan 2011

3DS hardware specs rumoured

Dual 266MHz ARM11 CPUs and 1.5GB of flash storage.

4 Publish date 9:51am at 22 Sep 2010

3DS set for Christmas UK release

High ranking UK retail source says marketing for the launch will kick off in October.

8 Publish date 3:23pm at 22 Jun 2010

3DS to allow game installs

New handheld to let gamers copy 3DS software to internal memory.

3 Publish date 11:55am at 18 Jun 2010
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