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Elder Scrolls Online Dark Brotherhood launches May 31 on PC

Comes to PS4 and Xbox One on June 14.

Publish date 26 Apr 2016 at 1:03pm

World of Warcraft: Legion launches August 30

Retail Collector's Edition also detailed.

1 Publish date 19 Apr 2016 at 11:01am

Lizard Squad takes down Blizzard datacenter

World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2 all taken offline.

Publish date 14 Apr 2016 at 12:27pm

BlizzCon 2016 takes place November 4-5 at the Anaheim Convention Center

Tickets available in two batches on April 20 and April 23.

Publish date 7 Apr 2016 at 11:52am

Twitch streamer levels WoW character to 100 using a dance mat

Feat took Rudeism five and a half days.

Publish date 4 Apr 2016 at 11:27am

Final Fantasy 11 Online has been shut down on PS2 & Xbox 360

Console gamers can switch to the PC version at no cost.

Publish date 1 Apr 2016 at 9:34am

Blizzard celebrates 25th anniversary

Founders came together in February of 1991.

1 Publish date 9 Feb 2016 at 9:35am

Millions are already playing Blade & Soul. It's time you joined them

The Asian fantasy MMO is off to a great start in the US and Europe, and there's already a host of new content to explore.

Publish date 15 Feb 2016 at 12:45pm

Warcraft: The Beginning TV spot offers another tease for this summer's blockbuster

From the director of Moon and Source Code.

Publish date 25 Jan 2016 at 3:54pm

Prison Architect coming to Xbox One, PS4 & Xbox 360 this spring

Exclusive features include Warden Mode and World of Wardens.

1 Publish date 20 Jan 2016 at 4:17pm

World of Tanks launches on PS4 next week

And you don't need a PlayStation Plus membership to play it.

Publish date 15 Jan 2016 at 1:10pm

DC Universe Online launching on Xbox One this spring; PC/PS4 cross-play coming this month

Daybreak outlines 2016 updates for superhero MMO.

3 Publish date 12 Jan 2016 at 10:13am

Twin-stick shooter 'AIPD' looks a lot like Geometry Wars

Coming to PS4, Xbox One & PC later this month.

2 Publish date 11 Jan 2016 at 2:23pm

Second World of Tanks Open Beta begins on PS4 this weekend

Secure a PlayStation themed tank skin by taking part.

Publish date 6 Jan 2016 at 11:27am

Every 2016 Game Reviewed In Under Two Minutes

You love review scores, right? Well here's one for every game in 2016...

2 Publish date 4 Jan 2016 at 4:43pm


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