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Last night Apple announced the feature set of its new iPhone operating system OS 3.0, some of which will be relevant to gaming - people are also getting rather excited about copy and paste functionality.

Probably of greatest importance to iPhone game developers is an update to the App Store which will make it possible to offer additional paid-for game content, such as new levels and items. EA demonstrated the new functionality with an iPhone version of The Sims 3, in which players will be able to purchase virtual items directly from an in-game store.

The Sims 3 was also used to demonstrate new functionality which makes it possible for an application to access the device's music library. Here an in-game stereo was used to play music from the iTunes library.

Additional new functionality includes peer-to-peer Bluetooth connectivity, opening possibilities of local multiplayer gaming. OS 3.0 will also allow applications to access a Voice over IP service, meaning players of a multiplayer game will be able to communicate. Gamers can also look forward to a form of rumble feedback in games.

Another game showed at the event was ngmoco's LiveFire, an all-new touch-controlled FPS that will offer multiplayer matches over 3G or a WiFi network. The game will use new Push Notification technology to invite friends into a game. It will also feature an in-game weapons store. ngmoco's Touch Pets was also demonstrated, again featuring an in-game store and Push Notification support, this time used to set up a pet play date.

iPhone OS 3.0 will be a free upgrade for all iPhones (not all features will be supported in the first generation models), while iPod Touch users will have to cough up $9.95 for the OS update.

Via TouchArcade and Gizmodo

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can not freaking wait... I watched the keynote it's like alllllll of our wishes are coming true... MMS messing, FWD text, landscape typing on everything, audio texts, push notification support for app devs.... what else do you need... this phone is king!
Posted 18:06 on 18 March 2009

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