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A new version of the classic theme park management simulation arrives for Apple devices.

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Theme Park set for free iOS release

An entirely new game based on Bulfrog's Theme Park is to be released later this year for iOS devices, EA has confirmed. The game is being created using a 3D engine and will be a free download with micro-transaction elements.

5 Publish date Aug 24 2011

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Theme Park set for free iOS release in Article Comments

reynoldio's Avatar

I'd rather pay straight up too - but they make less money that way, unfortunately. Android? :-)

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It's a separate awards ceremony from the other BAFTA awards, so everyone there will know what he's talking about! So I'm sure whatever he talks about will be well received. I forgot to mention he...


Theme Park Review in Article Comments

's Avatar

rubbish all you do is make a park and then run out of space and have to make the same all over again and over again!!!!(borin!!!)

by Anonymous

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Release Date: 01/01/2011
Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Genre: Management
Rating: PEGI 3+
Site Rank: 15,030 183
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