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The Walking Dead: Season Two screenshot
The Walking Dead: Season Two screenshot

PC players attempting to play The Walking Dead: Season 2 have run into trouble while trying to authenticate their game key with Telltale's servers.

According to numerous reports on the developer's support site, multiple users have reported issues with the servers failing to recognise that they own the game, and receiving a message that tells them to "go online to and buy game, signout or exit game".

The Walking Dead: Season Two screenshot

The issue is thought to affect users who purchased the game through Telltale's website and via certain third party distributors, including Greenman Gaming.

Steam buyers are not thought to have been affected.

Telltale since claims to have "solved the server issue" thought to be preventing users from properly authenticating and apologised for the issue.

"We have now solved the server issue," Telltale wrote on its support site, "please restart the game and attempt to log in again, and the issue should be resolved. If you are still experiencing log in errors, please reply with what your error message says, and whether you are on PC or Mac, and whether your [sic] on Steam or playing through Telltale. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused."

But while the issue appears to have been solved for some, other users are still reporting problems, and Telltale is adamant that it will not be offering Steam keys as a solution to those affected.

"We currently are not giving steam codes to customers that purchase through our website," the developer wrote. "I apologize for the inconvenience."

Telltale has been criticised by consumers and critics in the past for the numerous technical issues associated with its games. The first season of The Walking Dead was particularly criticised for a bug which saw players' game saves and decisions failing to carry over to subsequent episodes.

The Walking Dead: Season Two launched yesterday on PC, PlayStation 3 and iOS, and releases today on Xbox 360. has contacted Telltale for comment.


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User Comments

Nxs's Avatar


Ahhhh! The future of gaming. Same price as the physical copy and we can yank it away from you at anytime cause it is in the EULA! :D (I realize there is no physical copy of this game, still my point remains valid) :D
Posted 22:35 on 18 December 2013
Lalaland's Avatar


Who do you think you are Telltalle, EA/DiCE?

In all seriousness this is pretty lame, I love TT for their storytelling but the shonkyness around their releases has led me to deciding to wait this time around. for the Wolf Among Us I had a bug where I got a black screen on launch unless I deleted the settings file!?!
Posted 15:27 on 18 December 2013
Roland_D11's Avatar


That bug seems to be a complicated one. I tried the game on two machines with 360 controllers plugged in and it worked fine.

I had a server issue yesterday, it told me again and again it could not communicate with the Telltale server (which actually is an Amazon Cloud server). Solution (worked out by a player): Delete the username and password for the Telltale account stored in my Windows registry....
Posted 13:32 on 18 December 2013
bobbetybob's Avatar


I got the game for £12 from GMG so I honestly couldn't care less about playing it a day later. What annoys me more is that the game still crashes if you start it with a 360 controller plugged in, that's been a bug in every one of their games and it's still a problem which is a bit ridiculous.
Posted 10:22 on 18 December 2013

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