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Lone Survivor screenshot
Lone Survivor screenshot

The fifth Humble Indie Bundle is entering its final day on sale, with less than 14 hours to go at time of writing.

Currently the bundle has been sold 577707 times, generating a total of $4,907,382.02.

The contents of the pay-what-you-want bundle are Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP, Limbo, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Psychonauts. Spend over the average (currently $8.49) to also get Bastion, Lone Survivor, Braid and Super Meat Boy.

Spend over a dollar and you'll be given Steam keys for each game, too.

Money from the bundles also goes towards the Child's Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation charities by default. As always, you can choose how to divide your share of the money.

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User Comments

reynoldio's Avatar


Must go buy on proper computer! brb
Posted 16:24 on 14 June 2012
Ghost5's Avatar


I paid $10. Can't wait for the next one =D
Posted 14:53 on 14 June 2012
munkee's Avatar


Incredible. $4,907,382.02 (£3.1million).

Offer quality products and drop the aggressive attitude.. Guess what? People still spend money. Perhaps it's not as much money as a lot of publishers would want to see. But, its a step in the right direction.

It may seem like an average taking of £5.50 for 4 (possibly 5) quality games isn't a lot of money to make. But, there's no publishing cost other than server strain. I'm expect that the developers benefit from these offers.
Posted 11:03 on 14 June 2012

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Release Date: 23/03/2011
Developer: Capy
Publisher: Capy
Genre: Adventure
No. Players: One
Rating: PEGI 12+
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