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Resident Evil: Degeneration screenshot
Resident Evil: Degeneration screenshot

Capcom has announced the release of Resident Evil: Degeneration for iPhone and iPod touch.

Based on the CG movie of the same name, Resident Evil: Degeneration features "high resolution" 3D graphics and "console-style" controls thanks to a virtual on-screen control pad.

The third-person survival horror shooter sees players exploring Harvardville Airport, rescuing survivors, solving puzzles and fighting off an army of undead. Players will need to use their in-game PDA to collect intel, manage their inventory and access maps.

Gameplay will also take advantage of each device's accelerometer, with players having to shake the iPhone/iPod to shake off zombies, while tilting the device back will reload the selected weapon.

Capcom stated: "The Resident Evil: Degeneration game is the first step for Capcom in developing original games featuring cutting-edge technological advances for the iPhone and iPod touch."

Resident Evil: Degeneration is out now on the App Store priced £3.99.

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DarthKratos7's Avatar


Yes finally we start seeing 3D graphics on the ipod touch. Games like this truly shows the power and potential of the ipod.
Posted 18:08 on 12 May 2009

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