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Rat On A Scooter XL Cheats for iPhone

On: iPhone

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Xbox 360 Achievements 1

Cheese Chaser

Objective: Picked 15 pieces of cheese in one round

Cone Caution

Objective: Drive past 10 standing cones in a row

Doodle Muncher

Objective: Picked 60 cheese doodles in one round

Flag Raiser

Objective: Raise 10 flags in a row

Fuel Depot 100

Objective: Scored 100 points in Fuel Depot

Fuel Depot 50

Objective: Scored 50 points in Fuel Depot

Great Grinder

Objective: Get 25 grind bonus points in one round

Power Rider 150

Objective: Scored 150 points in Power Rider

Power Rider 75

Objective: Scored 75 points in Power Rider

Skill Course 40

Objective: Scored 40 points in Skill Course

Skill Course 80

Objective: Scored 80 points in Skill Course

Super Cheese 150

Objective: Scored 150 points in Super Cheese

Super Cheese 75

Objective: Scored 75 points in Super Cheese

Whacky Wheelie

Objective: Do 3 front wheelies in one round

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