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Plants vs. Zombies screenshot
Plants vs. Zombies screenshot

The not so subtle likeness of Michael Jackson in his Thriller getup has been removed from PopCap Games' hit tower defense title Plants vs Zombies, following a request made by the King of Pop's estate.

The latest update to the game on iPhone replaces the red leather jacket wearing zombie with a disco-themed character - let's hope one of the Bee Gees doesn't spot it.

"The Estate of Michael Jackson objected to our use of the 'dancing zombie' in Plants vs Zombies based on its view that the zombie too closely resembled Michael Jackson," a PopCap rep told MTV Multiplayer. "After receiving this objection, PopCap made a business decision to retire the original 'dancing zombie' and replace it with a different 'dancing zombie' character for future builds of Plants vs Zombies on all platforms."

A point of note for iPhone 4 gamers: don't update an existing version of the game as it'll crash the game. PopCap is working on a fix. New purchases are said to be unaffected.

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User Comments

guyderman's Avatar


The sad thing is Jacko would've liked it!
Posted 12:00 on 28 July 2010
RecoN's Avatar


I thought it was a compliment to micheal Jackson, anyone who saw that zombie probably thought "Awesome!"
Posted 11:54 on 28 July 2010
Clockpunk's Avatar


Its all protected by parody, and its not even all that great a likeness! An undead Jacko would look... well... pretty much the same, if we're honest, with all that plastic! ;)

Seriously, the devs shouldn't have given in to the sue-happy family, who are so desperate to milk every last penny out of the troubled man's name.
Posted 11:53 on 28 July 2010


boo. I thought it might happen eventually, but it was great to see the zombies dance to Thriller while it lasted!
Posted 09:25 on 28 July 2010

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