Labyrinth 2

Labyrinth 2 Cheats for iPhone

On: iPhone

Sequel to illusion Labs's hit ball-rolling puzzler.

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Xbox 360 Achievements 1

Across Brooklyn...

Objective: Roll the ball 1825 m (1996 yards)

Afraid of germs

Objective: 10 levels without touching anything


Objective: 100 levels without falling into a hole

Around the house

Objective: Roll the ball 75 m (82 yards)

Beat the maker

Objective: Beat the level creator's time 10 times

Beginner's luck

Objective: Complete 1 easy level pack

Better than your friends

Objective: Win 100 mulitplayer games

Cannon fodder

Objective: Get shot by the cannon 200 times


Objective: Play for 2 hours

Creme de la creme

Objective: Win 100 multiplayer games


Objective: Play for 8 hours

Dental phobia

Objective: 50 levels without falling into a hole

Down Lombard Street

Objective: Roll the ball 400 m (437 yards)


Objective: Win 20 multiplayer games in a row

Family dinner

Objective: Play 15 multiplayer games

Final destination

Objective: Get 30 award

Get a life

Objective: Play for 24 hours

Getting the hang...

Objective: Complete 1 medium level pack


Objective: Complete all official level packs

House party

Objective: Play 150 multiplayer games

In a jiffy

Objective: Beat the level creator's time 250 times

Keeping it real

Objective: Beat the level creator's time 10 times

Master baller

Objective: Complete 50 hard level packs

Never last picked

Objective: Complete 20 medium level packs

On a roll

Objective: Win 10 multiplayer games in a row

Pinball mania

Objective: Hit a bumper 2000 times


Objective: Complete the tutorial

Pretty pretty good

Objective: Complete 50 medium level packs

Pro Baller

Objective: Complete 5 hard level packs

Road Sign

Objective: Get 10 awards

Short stop diner

Objective: Get 20 awards

Steady on the grind

Objective: Complete 15 easy level packs

Swiss cheese

Objective: Fall into a hole 2000 times.

Veteran baller

Objective: Complete 25 hard level packs

World domination

Objective: Beat the level creator's time 10 times

You need therapy

Objective: 40 levels without touching anything

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Game Stats

Release Date: 02/12/2009
Developer: Illusion Labs
Genre: Puzzle
Rating: TBC
Site Rank: 18,096 249
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