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Tom Orry, Editor - Max Payne 3, Xbox 360

Max Payne 3 screenshot

I'm enjoying Max Payne 3 more than any game in recent memory. For me it nails the kind of gaming experience I love: single-player, high on action, heavy on impressive set-pieces, with spot on gun-play. I know the game didn't sell as well as Take Two and Rockstar hoped it would, but it really deserved to do very well.

If you've been put off by this being the third game in the series, don't worry. You don't need to know anything about the previous games to enjoy this third entry, and to be honest I wonder if the game would have sold better if it had been simply billed as "Max Payne".

As I said last week, this is a gorgeous game, dripping with detail and features some of the most outrageous set-pieces I've ever played. You can't help but root for Max, as despite his failings in life he clearly still cares about people and will quite literally do anything to save the lives of those around him - unless they're pointing a gun at his head.

Jet Set Radio screenshot

Martin Gaston, Reviews Editor - Jet Set Radio, Xbox 360

I loved the Dreamcast - I got one in a bundle deal with a DVD player that also came with a copy of Lethal Weapon 3, which seemed fitting at the time - but I do sometimes think the beauty of nostalgia may have coloured my impression of the games, because sometimes I could swear that Blue Stinger was the finest action game of all time. It was, right? Of course it was. How could nostalgia go wrong?

Jet Set Radio was a great game, but it was fiddly and complicated and tough. It is still all of those things, but time - or maybe just my increasingly ADHD-addled patience - has not been kind to such troublesome controls. It still looks great, though; an iconic fusion of sights and sounds. Whatever happened to Hideki Naganuma?

Still, it can be a right pain in the bum to play. I'm not even sure if I would recommend it, though another part of me absolutely would. Like Natalie Imbruglia, I am torn. Actually, if you were alive when Natalie Imbruglia released Torn you will probably enjoy returning to Jet Set Radio. On that note, does anyone (not that anyone in the world actually reads this far into VG Plays) remember Madison Avenue's Don't Call Me Baby? It was like 1995's Call Me Maybe.

But, yes; nostalgia. Sometimes you should never go back. I'll make sure I remember that when SEGA puts out Blue Stinger HD. Coincidentally, the port of NiGHTS is out in a couple of weeks.

Borderlands 2 screenshot

Neon Kelly, Video Production Editor – Borderlands 2, Xbox 360

It's great to have choice, but sometimes it can be a bit stressful. Aside from the never-ending question of which gun I should be using (do I take the uber-powerful shotgun that holds four rounds at a time, or the weaker, more accurate one that takes eight?), I'm now torturing myself with Zer0's skill trees. At low levels at least, it makes sense to focus on one subset – and up until now, I've been focusing on the Bloodshed tree. I want to work my way down to 'Execute', and yet I can't help but glance at all the lovely crit-focused stuff in the Sniping tree. I could go for both, but then that'll slow my progress towards the juicy, upper-tier powers. What's a mysterious ninja to do?

Dead or Alive 5 screenshot

David Scammell, Deputy News Editor - Dead or Alive 5, PlayStation 3

I feel dirty. And ever so slightly aroused. Dead or Alive 5's story mode has all the hallmarks of a skin flick - the filthy jazz music, an awful script, wooden (heeeey!) acting, 'eye-opening' camera pans, and a cast that puts the 'model' into character model. But instead of inviting each other in for a cup of coffee and a spot of how's-your-father, the pay-off for all of the nonsense is 30 seconds of fisticuffs.

Arguably, that's almost as satisfying. Dead or Alive, after all, is the anti-Street Fighter; a fighter that you can enjoy - and think you're quite good at - without having to put hours into learning different moves or combos. Heck, I still don't entirely understand the rules behind the new Power Blows, but I don't feel like I'm missing out by avoiding them either.

Although that could be because I'm too busy looking at Tina's assets to care.

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User Comments


Slenderman isn't all that great on iOS at the moment, it doesn't have the pages and it's a bit choppy.
Posted 19:17 on 01 October 2012
VG_Dave's Avatar

VG_Dave@ BC_Animus

I've got the 360 game in my To Do pile. Maybe I'll spend some time with it so I can write about it in next week's VG Plays...
Posted 18:23 on 01 October 2012
Clockpunk's Avatar


Aside from some nonstop Borderlands 2 (like almost every other gamer, it seems, I have just this morning found Slenderman has been put out for iOS. After The Camel's wonderful Extended Play sessions, I just HAD to get it. Looking forward to playing with the lights off tonight!
Posted 14:02 on 01 October 2012
Endless's Avatar


Mainly playng Borderlands 2 because I currently have no internets after moving house. Should be back up and running on Thursday, but then I have to decide if it's worth getting a live gold sub to play online, hmmm.
Posted 13:23 on 01 October 2012
MrGloomy's Avatar


I think I'm confusing myself with my current gaming. Nearly on a day to day basis I'm swapping between Borderlands 2 and Darksiders 2. There was a point when I thought DS2 was draggin on a bit, but I'm loving it now. A lovely blend of Soul Reaver, Prince of Persia, God of War and now a bit of Portal. For those who like epic traversal puzzles, there are some great times to be had with DS2.

Also, I actually had a few bouts of Tekken Tag 2 online on the PS3. I usually don't touch fighting games online as any lag really does my head in, but I thought I'd give it go. I think I managed to win 10 or so matches and not one loss. Considering I'm damn rusty, this is a big thing for me these days. I might give it another go online as I even got a lovely message calling me a 'juggling bastard, but your damn good,-GG'. I even went out of my way to teach the same dude how to do some basic tag juggle combo's. Quite tricky with no headset and texting with the joypad ;) Still, I think I just tought a guy to be deadly with a Brian and Kazuya team, bugger :D
Posted 12:09 on 01 October 2012
MJTH's Avatar


I went to the Eurogamer Expo on Sunday so I played a bunch of games, Pikmin 3, NSMB U and Sim City being the highlights for me. I also played the Rayman Legend which was good fun but I haven't played origins so I wasn't used to the controls and being thrown into the rythum platforming section didn't help. Nintendo Land was ok, but it's the single player mini games that interest me, which weren't on show. I also played a bunch of indie games and XCOM, which pretty good. And Castlevania Mirrors of Fate, which feels more like a modern take on the SNES game then a Metroidvania game.

Also got my first time with the Wii U pad,which has a nice weight to it, a lot of people have been saying it really light, which worried me because I didn't want it to be flimsy, but feels really good. A good indication of the weight is someone said to me it's like a little heavier then an Iphone in a shoe box lid. On the other hand the pro controller does feel a bit cheap, it's shape and weight are fine, but the materials they used for it's surfaces aren't as good as the Wii U pad itself or a 360 pad.

Lastly I also played the vita version of Sly Cooper Thieves in Time. I'm not sure the about this one. The mechanics and and controls are sound once you work out you have to press O to land specific objects. But at points there were times where the graphics seemed under a bit whelming. The style looks great but there were a few shoddy models and texture here and there. Also, the demo I played felt really repetitive. And I don't mean in the sense of there isn't much depth to the gameplay, because they've added a few costume powers to changes the gameplay at points. What I mean is literally repeating the same platforming and puzzle and cannon sections over multiple time, just getting subsequently harder, it felt like the had just padded it to make it feel longer. It may have been the stage I was played however so don't hold it to much against it.

I would of played some more games but queues were long and since I'm not 18 till next week I wasn't aloud into that area of the show floor, which I guess is fair enough.
Posted 07:54 on 01 October 2012
BC_Animus's Avatar


Dave have you ever played any of the Rumble Roses games?
Posted 06:21 on 01 October 2012


Max Payne 3 is definitely worth a try now its dropped in price; couldn't put the game down till I had finished it.

September is sports month so played alot of Madden and Fifa 13; Fifa is impressive but Madden needs a year to sort out the impact engine just like Fifa has done over the previous year.

Dave really does sell Dead or Alive better than anyone.
Posted 15:22 on 30 September 2012
LandGrazer's Avatar


Yeah I found borderlands a bit over rated. I only played it single player, but isn't everything better in multiplayer?
Posted 14:32 on 30 September 2012
rbevanx's Avatar


Been playing a bit of Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood as I was a bit sick of waiting for the third :P

Been giving Borderlands 1 another go and it's just not my cup of tea, mainly a co-op game and you just can't do the main game on it's own as you have to level up through side missions in order to fight off some enemies. Also going from A to B can takes ages.
Will carry on with it a bit more and try the DLC but can't see myself doing all the 100 odd missions for it.
Posted 14:27 on 30 September 2012


Far Cry 2 - Looks amazing on PC, but there's all the normal gripes - tking ages to get to missions etc. Hopefully 3 will improve on that.

GW2 - Starting to play it less and less now. It's alright but, like Diablo 3, boring to play alone.
Posted 14:18 on 30 September 2012
reynoldio's Avatar


I haven't heard Call Me Maybe, but now I'm singing Don't Call Me Baby!

Posted 13:53 on 30 September 2012
dazzadavie's Avatar


I finished Sleeping Dogs 100% and even right up to the end I still couldn't learn to drive on the left side of the road, something that comes naturally in real life I just couldn't handle in a game world. Sold it last night for £21.50 (cheers VG :))
Battlefield 3 had a little look this week with a game of cat and mouse on our own server. Doing this we found out that the mobile artillery with anti air equipped is dam powerful. Should get a few more games this week now that I don't have any story driven games to play (excluding Borderlands as I'm playing though with a mate)
Posted 12:53 on 30 September 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I managed to go 5 rounds against the Bandits in Borderlands 2, and like Neon I'm starting to look at other bits of the skilltree and thinking "I could really do with some of that" which is a great incentive to keep levelling.

But there's also incentive to keep exploring as there are a lot of Badass points available (and a cheevo) for continually checking every corner, nook, cranny and leap of faith on Pandora. Then there's the incentive to keep grinding, as there are huge chunks of x100 Badass points for gaining level 5 in challenges. And of course an incentive to test fire every single weapon just in case it does something strange like an assault rifle that launches projectiles in an arc (I haven't found a use for this but later on it might be handy for firing at something big from behind a rock).

There's also incentive to keep questing. Without all those sidequests my Pandora would be half the size it currently is as so many new areas and shortcuts have opened up to me whilst pursuing more trivial matters like crushing boulders or finding a bit of squeeze for Scooter.

Best of all, and what makes Borderlands 2 really stand out from its predecessor, is the drive to continue the main storyline. It's a fun, silly ride powered by ClapTrap humour up to a certain point then adds a few neat twists and surprises which lead to a darker and more melancholy route, a bit like a roller coaster that gets diverted onto the ghost train tracks, so there's a huge incentive to discover what's at the end of the ride.

All this whilst slagging enemies and electocuting them from afar with twin assault rifles then closing in with the twin sub machine guns to light them up with flames and melt their faces off with acid. Except for Badass Contructors. Those are just *puts on shades* Badass.
Posted 10:35 on 30 September 2012


Jet Set Radio's twitchy controls add to the game as far as I'm concerned. I didn't like Future's dumbing down and lack of emergency as much.

Been playing JSR and Borderlands 2 over the last week, with LBP Vita and NSMB2 on the portable side. Carrier Command and DOA5 is next up.
Posted 09:42 on 30 September 2012

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