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Hell on Earth Cheats for iPhone

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Console Commands
Touch and hold the screen with 4 fingers to bring up the console to enter these codes. Codes are case-sensitive, and the "return" key must be hit in order to activate each one. Repeat to input multiple codes.

tntamobAdd/Remove Backpack
tntweap#Add/Remove Weapon (1-8; 1=Berserk)
idclev##Change Level (## = Episode[1-4], Map[1-9])
idmus##Change Music (## = 1 through 45)
resetmapsDelete Map Statistics
tntemDestroy All Enemies
iddqdGod Mode #1
godGod Mode #2
idclipNo Clipping #1
idspispopdNo Clipping #2
tntkaObtain Keys
idchoppersObtain Saw
idbeholdhSet health to 200%
idmyposShow Coordinates
tntfastToggle 'Fast' Enemies
idbeholdsToggle Berserk Pack
idbeholdiToggle Blur Artifact
idbeholdaToggle Computer Area Map
idbeholdvToggle Invulnerability Artifact
idbeholdlToggle Light Amplification Visors
idbeholdrToggle Radiation Suit
giveWeapons and Ammo #1
idfaWeapons and Ammo #2
idkfaWeapons, Ammo, and Keys

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