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GTA's big transition to 3D is now playable in the palm of your hand.

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Grand Theft Auto gets official Spotify playlists

Features all the songs currently available on the streaming service.

4 Publish date Apr 12 2013

Official UK App Store Chart - Week 7, 2012

WhatsApp Messenger reclaims the iPhone paid chart, although was pressed hard by the heavily discounted Grand Theft Auto 3.

Publish date Feb 22 2012

GTA 3 mods work on iOS and Android versions

Grant Theft Auto III had big modding scene when it released for PC and it appears the newly released iOS and Android versions can benefit from these mods.

2 Publish date Jan 4 2012

GTA 3 out now for mobile devices

Grand Theft Auto III is now available for select new generation iOS and Android devices on the App Store and Android Marketplace priced £2.99 and £3.23 respectively.

Publish date Dec 15 2011

GTA 3 mobile out December 15 priced £2.99

Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition will be released on the App Store and Android Marketplace on December 15, priced £2.99, Rockstar Games has announced.

Publish date Dec 6 2011

The debut GTA trailers

We've grouped together the debut trailers for every GTA game released since GTA 3. Which one is your favourite?

7 Publish date Nov 3 2011

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trolol1990's Avatar

Whoever said that gta IV is best said that only becouse of the graphics and becouse it is more realistical than the previus games.If you think so too,why dont you just go outside and play.You will...

Grand Theft Auto gets official Spotify playlists in Article Comments

sharky's Avatar

my first thought is flock of seagulls but i tend to listen to the talkies more than anything for the laughs. Moorehead Rides Again and The Time Ranger from vcs station vcpr would be my favourite....

by sharky

Scotland's games industry adds "no value" in General Gaming

Bloodstorm's Avatar

Yea, both Crackdown games were developed in my city, same with the "classic" APB, that was born 5 minutes away from me.

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