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Nintendo is not to be blamed for the removal of Flappy Bird from iTunes and the Google Play stores, reports the Wall Street Journal.

It had been speculated that Hanoi-based game developer Dong Nguyen had been forced to remove the game because of similarities to Super Mario Bros., but Nintendo says it made no complaints about the game.

"While we usually do not comment on the rumours and speculations, we have already denied the speculation," a Nintendo rep told WSJ in an email.

Nguyen has been on the receiving end of much internet abuse, which on the face of it appears to be the reason he chose to remove the game and himself from public attention.

Source: WSJ

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The funny thing is that this was in no way similar to any Nintendo game, bar having green pipes (and I don't think Nintendo have a monopoly on those). It's actually a pretty close copy of an old Spectrum game by industry veteran and PC Zone/Your Sinclair writer David McCandless called The Helicopter Game.
Posted 10:35 on 12 February 2014
Endless's Avatar


Or because Mario and his buddies are so well known as being Nintendo properties that only ever appear on Nintendo hardware or licensed products that more often than not they barely need to even bother :)
Posted 14:37 on 11 February 2014


Erm, I would say Nintendo are actually one of the most vigorous in terms of protecting their IPs and products.
That's especially true in the emulation world.

I would imagine it would be more likely that the sheer quantity of items means they will be slower to respond to them and, of course, there is a balancing act brought on by the potential costs of trying to stop them.
Posted 14:00 on 11 February 2014
MJTH's Avatar


If there is one thing Nintendo has a strange habit of not doing, is taking down flagrant use of IP's and assets in games like this. They seemingly never take down games from the app store or online that seemingly directly or indirectly use or rip Nintendo ideas and assets.

The iOS app store is full of games that rip of Mario, Zelda and donkey kong in ways that are even more damning then flappy bird and Nintendo never do anything about. Entire communities are built from building games from Mario world and pokemon rom hacks (such as Kaizo Mario or Cat Mario). There are many flash games that straight recreate Nintendo franchises with different spins (such as Super Mario Crossover and the Super Smash Flash series).

You can even download games for windows such as Osu! and Pokemon showdown which are complete ripped versions of the franchises that they are based off of (Osu! being a take on Osu Tatakae Ouendan/ Elite beat agents and pokemon). The latter pokemon example even has it's own tournaments with large cash prizes.

With so many other example of games ripping of Nintendo products, flappy bird even though it takes modified versions of super Mario pipe sprites is the least of Nintendo's problems when it comes to free games ripping them off. A problem which surprisingly Nintendo has ignored and continues to.
Posted 17:25 on 10 February 2014

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