FIFA is back with a raft of new additions. Score:


Our Verdict: Somewhat free it might be, but even then it's not worth your time.

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All the games played by us. POWER!

1 Publish date Posted Sat 12 Plays April 5, 2014 article article Plays April 5, 2014

Everyone played Goat Simulator pretty much. Great...

9 Publish date Posted Apr 5 Plays March 28, 2014 article article Plays March 28, 2014

It's a flipping BUMPER edition of VGPlays.

8 Publish date Posted Mar 28 Plays March 14, 2014 article article Plays March 14, 2014

What's COD got to do... got to do with it?

4 Publish date Posted Mar 14
FIFA: The Ultimate Storyteller article article

FIFA: The Ultimate Storyteller

People often ask when games will offer us true agency... except they already have, and have done so for quite some time.

1 Publish date Posted Mar 8 Plays March 7, 2013 article article Plays March 7, 2013

Feel the rhythm. Feel the ride. Get on up. It's VG Plays time!

6 Publish date Posted Mar 7

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My nostalgic trip into Soul Reaver continues and I've realised that it was never an action game (as i once thought it was) it is a puzzle game. Every area is it's own puzzle, as is almost every...

by Njeezy

UK Video Game Chart: FIFA 14 beats Elder Scrolls Online to No.1 in Article Comments

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Final Fantasy X/X2 HD seems like another "failure" for Square Enix. Be interested to know if it hits their normally high sales targets.

by Bretty Plays April 5, 2014 in Article Comments

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Witcher 2... near the end now. *grits teeth*

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