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Xbox 360 Achievements 1

Body Guard

Objective: Protect the king in the Castle campaign stage.


Objective: Get through the Stony Road.

Flower Power

Objective: Destroy all flowers.


Objective: Complete the Fort campaign stage without losing a single unit.

Gorilla Tamer

Objective: Take down the Gorilla in the Mushroom campaign stage without taking any damage.

In the Name of Science

Objective: Save the scientist in the Mt. Hutt campaign stage.

Marriage Wrecker

Objective: Kill both rhinos at hte Oasis campaign stage without losing any units.

No Outposts Allowed

Objective: Destroy the alien outpost.


Objective: Destroy all blue aliens.

Party Pooper

Objective: Crash the aliens' parts without losing your teammate.

Purple Power

Objective: Win the Arc campaign stage without losing your teammate.

Saved the Chief

Objective: Win the Village campaign stage without the Chief taking any damage.

Sheep Saviour

Objective: Save at least one sheep in the Valley campaign stage.


Objective: Save all sheep in the Valley campaign stage.

Small Town Hero

Objective: Save all the villagers in the Village campaign stage.


Objective: Defeat all aliens in the Hills campaign without losing any teammates.

Trophy Collector

Objective: Protect Eskimos

Tutorial Completed

Objective: Complete the tutorial.


Objective: Survive the ambush at the Icy Bridge campaign without losing your partner.

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