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Peter Molyneux's Curiosity will be released for iOS and Android on November 7 at 8:22am GMT, the 22 Cans founder has announced.

"At last we have just got App Store approval!!!!!!!!!!!!! for Curiosity," Molyneux Tweeted

"Curiosity will be out on 7th November 2012 at 00:22PST 08:22UST. The development has been a fascinating ride, release will be 10x fascinating."

"Joining hopefully thousands of people on the journey to the centre of the cube is going to be a fascinating experiment that we will share with the world," writes the 22 Cans Facebook page. "Remember you could be the single person to find out what TRULY amazing thing lies in the centre. Thank you for sticking with us, it’s been a couple of very stressful and fascinating weeks but the moment is finally upon us."

Who knows what's inside the cube, but many will be tapping away come November 7 to find out.

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User Comments

dudester's Avatar


in the box is milo am convinced lol
Posted 17:23 on 31 October 2012
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ mydeaddog

What if it kept going forever, by the fifth time people open the cube it'll be, "A good day be curious".
Posted 15:58 on 31 October 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Can't wait for the First Ten Minutes video.
Posted 15:52 on 31 October 2012
mydeaddog's Avatar


When you open the cube you get...

Another cube. Curiousity 2: Electric Boogaloo
Posted 15:35 on 31 October 2012
DancingRhino's Avatar


It's just going to be a signed photo of Peter Molyneux inside it.
Posted 15:29 on 31 October 2012
MJTH's Avatar


Imagine if someone downloads this and then gives their iPhone/iPad/iPod touch their kid to play with it. Then the kid opens the cube not knowing the significance of it all and that secret is wasted forever....

This is a really cool idea, but I doubt the internet will ever find out what is actually "in the box" legitimately....
Posted 15:25 on 31 October 2012
munkee's Avatar

munkee@ DancingRhino

Like Snakes & Ladders? Or, Hide & Seek? Two classics.. Enjoy.
Posted 15:08 on 31 October 2012
Woffls's Avatar


Will this work on my 2nd Gen iPod Touch? If so, I will totally give this some attention. It probably won't, though :(
Posted 15:03 on 31 October 2012
DancingRhino's Avatar


I'll probably be playing real games.
Posted 15:02 on 31 October 2012
munkee's Avatar


I'm in.. I don't really know why I'm in. But, I am!
Posted 14:57 on 31 October 2012

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