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The "life-changing" secret of the Curiosity cube has been uncovered - revealing that the winner, an 18-year old from Scotland, will be granted the opportunity to become the god in 22cans' next game, Godus.

After 25 billion cubes were destroyed over a period of 150 days, Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh tapped the final cube on Sunday, revealing his reward.

"We have been completely blown away by how the world has embraced this amazing experiment..." said 22cans head Peter Molyneux in a video released over the weekend.

"What is in the center is something that only we can grant - and it is the ability to be a digital god.

"We are making a game called Godus. The whole game is about being a god to your followers. You, you the person who reached the center, will be the god of all people that are playing Godus. You will intrinsically decide on the rules that the game is played by and - here's the life-changing bit - you will share in the success of the product."

Every time people spend money on the game, Henderson will receive a slice of the revenue, Molyneux explains.

"It means that you will decide on how people play a game," he continues. "You will accrue riches from that game, from the start until the finish of your reign. That, by any definition of the word, is life-changing.

"You will have fame, you will have fortune, and you will have the power to introduce morals into a game."

But Henderson has a secret that may irk those who have been tapping away at the cube since last year: he only started playing on Sunday afternoon.

"People are going to hate me for this," Henderson told Wired, "but I only registered for the game […] about an hour before I won the thing."

Godus, which hit its Kickstarter goal in December 2012, is expected to release this September.

Source: YouTube. Wired

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User Comments

pblive@ Bratterz

He's not the messiah he's a very naughty boy
Posted 10:54 on 28 May 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar


Success or not Gammartron, that guy's gonna get at least a couple of hundred bucks outta this - enough for a decent meal, a couple of drinks and maybe a lap dance or two. Not that I know how much lap dances cost... actually come to think of it I honestly don't know... a 33 year old single dude, I really should know shouldn't I?

And if he's interested in games development this will be his entry point to the business as well. It's actually not a bad deal.
Posted 10:22 on 28 May 2013
Bratterz's Avatar


All hail Bryan, Lord of Godus!
Posted 09:56 on 28 May 2013


Ha! Well I have to say that's both more tangible and more interesting than anything I imagined Molyneux sticking in there.

Kind of hinges on the success of Godus though....
Posted 09:32 on 28 May 2013

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