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Tom Orry, Editor - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 3DS

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D screenshot

In the space of two weeks I've gone from being mildly interested to absolutely loving this, and in the process liking the 3DS a whole lot more. Whereas I generally played a few iPod games in the evenings for 20 minutes here and there, since Ocarina I've been continuing my quest instead. If the game gets it talons into you it's incredibly hard to get free, and in reality you won't want to. Your massive quest is one that is constantly giving you new things to do, abilities to use and people to talk to, and it all looks great on the 3DS thanks to the graphical improvements and neat 3D. If you're not already in possession of Ocarina of Time 3D and own a 3DS, correct the situation as quickly as possible.

Martin Gaston, Previews Editor - El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, Xbox 360, PS3

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron screenshot

El Shaddai certainly is pretty, I'll give it that.

My first impressions are fairly positive, too, despite it not really being the game I thought I was getting - I was expecting something more akin to vintage Devil May Cry, and El Shaddai certainly isn't that. Instead it's this beautiful pastel coloured game mixed with a simple combat system which gives you one button to block and another to attack.

You start out unarmed, stealing one of three weapons from your enemies as you go along. Combos are produced by the rhythmic tapping of the attack button rather than finger-twisting strings of button inputs, which makes it immediately more accessible than the likes of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. That said, I finished the demo with a sense that I'd seen almost everything the combat system had to offer: I imagine there might not be a lot of substance to El Shaddai, but there certainly is a ton of style.

There's a public demo available on the US PlayStation Store, if you're interested. I definitely recommend giving it a look. I don't think we're getting it in Europe until September, but consider me interested.

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - Rift, PC

Rift screenshot

Rift. Yeah, I'm back to the grind. After anticipating having to write that feature article you didn't read (so here's a subtle link!) I went back the to the MMO for research. Regardless of how many people moan about its similarities to WoW (it's more similar to Warhammer, if you fancy being a pedant) there's a definite difference in terms of tone. I still find WoW overwhelmingly nostalgic. That's the game I spent the latter half of my teen years playing and Rift on the other hand feels like a slightly different animal despite following WoW's format relatively closely. The world events are truly and genuinely ace.

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer – Back to the Future: Episode 1 - It's About Time, iPad

back to the future bttf -

This was being given away for free on the App Store t'other day, so I snapped it up. I've never really got into the adventure genre - not because I haven't liked it, I should stress, but simply because I've never given it a chance - so I've found it quite interesting playing Back to the Future: Episode 1. It requires a very specific approach to thinking, one that I'm slowly getting used to. It seems pretty good so far: the graphics are nice, the voice acting isn't bad and it's made me chuckle here and there. I'm not very far in, but if it continues to hold my attention, I'll probably drop the coin on Episode 2.

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User Comments

reynoldio's Avatar

reynoldio@ FantasyMeister

What FM said about Borderlands - always go back to this game, always enjoy it, simply cannot wait to hear more about the next game...

Haven't been playing much apart from HexDefense on my phone! Just too busy, but will certainly be playing some more Borderlands/Assassin's Creed/L.A. Noire/Burnout/Battlefield 1943 and whatever grabs my fancy when I have some time.
Posted 17:34 on 27 June 2011
scaz2244's Avatar


a lot more of bad company 2 managed to put a c4 on a moving helicopter highlight of my week lol did look badass.

also playing lil bit la noire slowly completing it but might do another play through soon.
Posted 10:58 on 27 June 2011
Scabby_Sid's Avatar


Unlike Gera, I'm off RIFT and back on WoW after my friend threw a scroll of resurrection at me and got me to level my priest to 85... That's pretty much it..
Posted 09:40 on 27 June 2011


inFamous 2 - Mediocre, up until the last three missions which are excellent. Good ending too!

BulletStorm - OTT Fun, hard to think up creative skillshots though.
Posted 00:29 on 27 June 2011
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Been diving headfirst into my first time Playing Darksiders. I chose the apocalyptic difficulty and am quite glad I did. I'm just at the point where I have to fight the Griever for the first time. Fun fun ^_^
Posted 23:48 on 26 June 2011
IndoorHeroes's Avatar


Portal 2 co-op with the missus earlier in the week. Other than that I've been intending on playing Transformers DoTM but I left it at my parents house. Will get on it this week for sure though as I was a huge fan of War For Cybertron.
Posted 23:41 on 26 June 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


Burnout Paradise - I just got my Burnout License after almost 20 hours of play. Now I don't mind if it leaves me forever as I might have had my fill by getting to the end credits, even though there's still a lot more to do if I wish!

Call of Duty: Black Ops - My friend and I are literally having marathons of this at the moment, it's all new to her and her boyfriend so I've been getting back into it playing online. It's also a good way to get use of the dual screen set up I have and won't be having for long as my sister is about to move into her house and take it away from me :(

I had a blast on Street Fighter and James Pond, Street Fighter was interesting, James Pond was not...
Posted 22:23 on 26 June 2011
munkee's Avatar


I've been on a bit of a 3DS tip this week.

-I've mostly been playing Zelda: OoT, which has me hooked again.
-Finally nearly finished New Super Mario Brothers DS.. and I mean finished!
-Oh, and I picked up a copy of Rhythm Paradise. What a truly wonderful piece of software. "Scratch-O"
Posted 21:14 on 26 June 2011
Wido's Avatar


Been playing Fear 3 and finished it today. Not a bad game at all, but it did fail to scare me.

Also playing through Alan Wake again as its charm is beaming right through again. I still haven't got round to play the DLC for the game and I will make sure I do this summer.

Other games:

Mario Strikers Charged Football
Halo Reach
Posted 21:08 on 26 June 2011
CheekyLee's Avatar


Mostly Zelda OoT 3D, but a side order of each of the following :

Burnout Paradise (PS3) - Still brilliant.
Halo Reach (360) - Still brilliant, wish I was better at it...
Child of Eden (360) - STUNNING!
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (360) - Need. Moar. Practice!
The Last Guy (PS3) - Harsh!
fl0w (PS3) - Nice, but ... a tad dull.
Pixeljunk Racers 2nd Lap (PS3) - Excelent.
Oideyo LocoRoco!! BuuBuu Cocoreccho! (PS3) - What the hell did I just play?
Posted 19:57 on 26 June 2011
dazzadavie's Avatar


Assassins Creed Brotherhood: I was starting to think about not finishing this, it all started to feel to big. That was until all the controls came flooding back and I was picking up axes and spears and just taking everyone out. The fighting really just bought me back into the game.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Get together with a few people and have a blast for a few hours, great fun.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Just wanted to get back into this again so much fun.

Halo 3: yeah just Halo

Now I missed last weeks but I wanted to show this photo of a car crash from Borderlands. I ran into my mates car and completely made it undrivable
Click for Image
Posted 19:27 on 26 June 2011
Clockpunk's Avatar


A little bit of a retro and indie binge over here:

Farcry 2 - Duke Nukem Forever ignited the fondness for FPS games, and having tracked down a cheap copy, am starting to really get into it.

Ghostbusters - Multiplayer is such a fun experience. Nothing like being slimed and working together to trap ghosts.

Platformance:Temple Death - A newly released sequel to Castler Pain, wherein the objective is to finisih the one huge level dying as few a times as possible. A newly added reward and flopward section is a fun addition. Very addictive.

Cthulhu Saves the World - :D
Posted 17:57 on 26 June 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Borderlands has taken up most of my week. It strikes me that its unique graphical style makes it practically 'timeless'. But mostly it's about the loot, and when you're level 51 and going through playthrough 2 you're still astounded by the sheer variety and deadliness of each new exciting drop. I'm totally looking forward to running through to the end (OK, so maybe not so much looking forward to the loot midgets again) then getting started on playthrough 3, where hopefully I'll get my first pearlescent drop.

I've also started stalking the Gearbox website for anything new on BorderWorlds or Gearbox Labs, but to no avail. Borderlands has sold 3 million copies as of Feb 2010, and it's quite easily my most anticipated sequel of all time.

Other than that it's been a bit of this and a bit of that, and I've been studiously ignoring anything Rift related as I'm not playing it. ;)
Posted 17:04 on 26 June 2011

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