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According to the pages of US video game magazine EGM, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, once thought to be a Japanese only release, is to get a North American release.

Final Mix offers a revamped version of Kingdom Hearts II, plus a full 3D remake of the GBA sequel/spin-off Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. This remake has been dubbed re:Chain of Memories and, together with a significant visual overhaul, will benefit from a number of gameplay tweaks.

There's no official release date or any official confirmation of the game's release in North America. Should the rumour be true and the game does get released in North America, then there's a good chance we'll also be seeing it across Europe.

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rbevanx@ namine412

That has to be early contender for post of the month.
Posted 22:17 on 03 July 2010
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Oh god....
Posted 22:01 on 03 July 2010
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namine412@ Ryan

Honestly ya'll just going to belive this guy for all u know he could be lying. I love kingdom hearts to death and i wouldn't get my hopes up for a guy saying it might be released especially if that comment was posted in 2007 and were in what now oh yeah 2010!!! listen here if u really want that game out in america you should go to the online petition for a north american release then you will probably get some results if not take it to square enix then they will have to do something thats what im going to do and if that doesnt work.SIGH. we'll just have to get a japanese ps2 and japanese version of the game just like everybodyelse in japan.GOOD LUCK WE'LL NEED IT!!
Posted 19:26 on 03 July 2010
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No ven defrosts and terra defeats xeanort then xeanort takes control of terras body then his mind gets earased and another character vanitas is the darkness of ven and ven absorbs him and absorbs him and somthing big happens then ven's and sora's hearts merge so ven can rest .THAT is why sora has the keyblade and that is why roxas looks like ven (ventus). Also the reason riku has a keyblade is because terra gave him the power when he encoutered sora and riku at destiny island. WHAT NOW.
Posted 02:16 on 12 March 2010
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Posted 05:32 on 06 March 2009
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darth vader

im so glad i own every game that was releases in america for kingdom hearts<(^^,)>
Posted 20:14 on 24 February 2009
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I think that this might be a mix up between the NA release of RE:Chain of Memories which came out on December 2nd 2008
Posted 22:09 on 27 January 2009
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Im REALLY not sure but (seriously this is just a guess or somthing) that maybe it is called "birth by sleep" for a reason, because maybe when ven is frozen by lord xenort that is when sora is born. (just a guess)
Posted 00:06 on 05 January 2009
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yah mhmh, i never said YOU didnt know about xion.
Posted 00:02 on 05 January 2009
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thats not true kingdom hearts finail mix was said to only be released in asia not any where else so it doesn't seem likely they'll change it
Posted 00:46 on 04 January 2009
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I thought Kh re:com had already come out for ps2
Posted 01:05 on 02 January 2009
maykipz's Avatar
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Well uh.
Sorry to say but KH2FM probably isn't coming to NA any time soon.
And, yes, Namine is Kairi's Nobody.
Xion is said to be extremely important to KH 358/2 Days, so there's a chance her Nobody will be revealed in that game though!
Posted 07:03 on 01 January 2009
???????????'s Avatar
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hey talking about ven and roxas. look. birth by sleep happend 10 years before kingdom hearts 1 so ven is not roxas. roxas was created exacly when sora became a heartless so hes not ven. come on guys pay attantion to the story line thats what its there for. and ven might look like roxas because ven and sora might be blood related i dont know if its true or not but i read it some where
Posted 18:40 on 22 December 2008
YaH mHmM's Avatar
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YaH mHmM

oh and (no offense) bt after seeing some posts *cough* (KH)

yes i know who Xion is

.black hair
.looks sorta like Kairi
.org mem #14
.some say she is Kairi's nobody &FALSE INFO ALERT&
-it is clear towards the end of kh2 Namine is Kairi's nobody when her and Roxas "become whole again"
Posted 05:59 on 19 December 2008
YaH mHmM's Avatar
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YaH mHmM

oops organization*

sorry guys type-o on my part
Posted 05:40 on 19 December 2008

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