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Monster Hunter fans have been given hope that the Japanese-only MMO version of the game might see the light of day in the West - but it won't be any time soon.

Up until now Capcom has resisted fan calls to release PC online adventure hack and slash Monster Hunter Frontier in Western markets because of a number of issues, including a belief that in its current state it would not attract an audience beyond the loyal Monster Hunter fanbase.

But in an in-depth update on Capcom's blog, senior director of strategic planning and research Christian Svensson said that despite the issues surrounding bringing Monster Hunter Frontier to the West, that doesn't mean Frontier isn't coming.

"I've always said we'd be revisiting those decisions in 2008 (and the ultimate decision could wind up being to "talk about it again in 2009 if things aren't aligned properly in 2008)," he said.

"If we're just making a decision about potentially committing resources in 2008, even if it does happen it's far enough away that you probably don't need to be thinking about it any time soon. On top of all of this, there's the overarching brand strategy to consider."

Monster Hunter was released on PS2 in 2005 and an expanded version, renamed as Monster Hunter Freedom, was released on the PSP. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 was released on PSP in Europe in September 2007. Despite excellent sales in Japan the series has failed to take off in the US and Europe.

Svensson said Capcom needs to grow the Monster Hunter brand on other platforms in order to give the game more chance of success, something the Western team is actively working on. He added that there were "things in motion" that led him to believe that an audience for MHF could be created in the West, but "aren't any time in the immediate future".

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1 monster hunter commercial would grab half the gaming community here. thats all they need. I don't recall ever seeing even 1 MH1 commercial on TV.. EVER. how about spending a little bit of that cash they are generating, and making a nice commercial? they would get the fan base they need in about 2 days.
Posted 18:11 on 31 December 2008
1cnpegjm's Avatar

1cnpegjm@ Anonymous

Originally Posted by Anonymous
I feel that this game has a solid enough fan base considering there was basically no advertising for it.
Im sure itd be awesome if they put some effort into it. Especially the MMO.

i say the some
Posted 20:37 on 06 September 2008
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I feel that this game has a solid enough fan base considering there was basically no advertising for it.
Im sure itd be awesome if they put some effort into it. Especially the MMO.
Posted 03:27 on 06 September 2008
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Man that's just trash.While I do agree the fan base should be strengthened I also must say that you guys don't advertise enough there for not many people are aware of it.It's as if you expect/want it to fail or get around solely by word of mouth which is pretty hmm..."under handed" if you ask me.Seriously,you want to strengthen the MH name?Let's see titles like the G series brought over here with online play!And why was Monster Hunter the only game released for the PS2?!I smell a bit of contradiction!!and for that I have to call shenanigans!SHENANIGANS!!SHENANIGANS!!!

I know a good 200+ people from various communities that would be there on launch day to play MHF so stuff it capcom,you're just saying that because you're scared of WoW.
Posted 06:29 on 04 July 2008
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If this comes out in America, I know of at least a dozen people that will be on it at launch. That only includes people I know in real life, there's roughly a hundred that I know online that will as well.
Posted 23:12 on 29 June 2008

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