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Ocarina of Time is the fifth game in The Legend of Zelda series. The player controls the series' trademark protagonist, Link, in the land of Hyrule. Link sets out on a quest to stop Ganondorf, King of the Gerudo tribe, from obtaining the Triforce.

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Cheats & Hints 1

Lots of rupees:
First go to the market place near the castle. There is a guard shack near the gate. Go in and there are a bunch of pots break, all of those gives the rupees. Go out and back in and the pots are back.

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FAQs & Walkthroughs 2

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FAQ/Walkthrough. Final version.

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turboninja92's Avatar


Does anyone know about the secret song that lets you teleport to a room where you can get every item in the game??
Posted 01:29 on 05 April 2009
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How I can on Death Mountain bring the light from Big Brother room???? Please help if anyone knows to do it.My e-mail: dzejlana_karajic@hotmail.com.
Posted 18:58 on 17 February 2009
Link_ice_warrior's Avatar


Can anyone???
Posted 23:55 on 15 June 2008
Link_ice_warrior's Avatar


Zelda masta thanks i have benn loking for a cheat like this 4 months!!! Do i have to have everything, like all the hearts? or maybe like all ammo? and tell me all the requirements on ammo and stuff
Posted 16:17 on 13 June 2008
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Zelda Masta

CHEAT NAME: White Tunic Link
CHEAT TYPE: Glitch, or Creator's Test.
CHEAT EXPLANATION: Lots of people have believed that there are really 4 tunics in Zelda O.O.T, not 3. They were right. The 4th is a white tunic, only featured in the N64 version. It's not permanent.
CHEAT REQUIREMENTS: Nauyru's love, Master Sword, You need to be wearing the Zora Tunic.
CHEAT INSTRUCTIONS: Go to the entrance to Hyrule Castle Town (On N64) And turn left, then, hit all of the trees with your Master Sword and Bomb the big rock, enter through the hole that appears and collect all of the fairies. Stand in the VEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRY middle of the fountain and use Nauyru's Love. While it's still working, exit and when you appear again, you are in a white tunic.

Posted 17:50 on 26 March 2008
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This is a weird glitch go into karaiki villiage and go to the wall of the shop near the death mountin opening and walk in the corner hold L then at the same time press A you will jump through the wall NOTE:if you want to do this you will lose one life when he falls down....weirdtyo watch though...
Posted 15:18 on 03 March 2007

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