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Batman: Dark Tomorrow Cheats for Cube

On: Cube

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Action Replay Codes 1

Please Note: These cheats require an Action Replay device

There are 9 codes for this game.

 1 UTG4-0Z4C-K15MJ
 2 CTK7-49C9-FEPTB

Infinite Health
 1 1QH2-8W1N-V4U0F

Infinite Cape Strength
 2 HDDR-MP1W-946VY

Infinite Batarangs
 1 730D-26F5-BHQZP
 2 EURM-6U15-8MPG1

Infinite Smoke Capsules
 1 C5E2-4WW6-YJ2FJ
 2 2VW6-9UK0-4XGG2

Infinite Medical Kits
 1 FNU2-5KV6-169A4
 2 CPB0-43AN-QM7RB

All Movies
 1 59AN-05W1-MEWWA
 3 U5HE-9B60-4JW32

All Music
 1 Y80E-TK9F-6993V
 2 EP01-4ZGQ-D3R0D

All Art
 1 7T6C-2AAW-5CTZ5
 2 PT4U-D6X4-79DRY

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