Simon, Matt, Brett and Bratt chat all sorts of video games with the Battlefield 4 Beta, the repetition of Zelda, XCOM: Enemy Within, and the future of Steam Machines.

  • 00:17 - Battlefield 4 Beta. Bey-ta? Bee-ta?
  • 13:30 - Can the Steam Controller stand up to the majesty of the mouse and keyboard?
  • 16:50 - Moving on to the Steam Machine itself...
  • 24:40 - Zelda: Links Past Awakening 2: Linking Worlds
  • 32:00 - Matt's played quite a bit of XCOM: Enemy Within and thinks it's bloody alright.
  • 45:09 - QUESTIONS
  • 54:39 - Podcast competitions: new and old.

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User Comments

Mintyrebel's Avatar


Thanks for writing my CoD article, my editor will be pleased ;)
Posted 21:38 on 09 October 2013
Freekill's Avatar


A wonderful listen as always. Keep up the good work
Posted 21:25 on 09 October 2013
RazorGecko's Avatar


MJTH your comment was a nice short read! I like your opinions and definetly agree with what you have said, you could probably write some great reviews/ thoughts on games!
Posted 20:09 on 09 October 2013


I am so angry that I didnt win member of the month that I can no longer remember what I was going to comment on
Posted 19:16 on 09 October 2013
MJTH's Avatar


It's wierd listenning to the conversation you guys had about Zelda. You're completely right, but you set a up a situation that Nintendo can't fix. You've got people saying that the formula is getting stale (which is true), but then the same people have an adverse reaction to changes to said formula.

And strangest part was you kind of acknowledged that you guys were jumping on both of this argument, but never thought of a way to fix it. This isn't a criticism, it was very (for want of a better word) interesting listening, the problems you have with the zelda franchise (and how these problems can represent many Nintendo franchise as a whole), but there didn't seem to be a way fix these problems short of completely starting from scratch again, or giving and moving on, which is still a lose, lose situation for everyone.
Posted 16:05 on 09 October 2013
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