Live report from Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2 presentation.

We were live from West Hollywood, LA reporting first-hand from Activision Blizzard and Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 press event. If you missed the live coverage, fear not, the updates can be found as they happened below.

The following live report has now ended.

Hello people! Neon is currently on his way to the studio now, after a little delay. He should be in place shortly, thank you for your patience.


The latest text I have from Neon states the actual starting time for the event 'is as clear as a glass of shit', which doesn't sound overly promising for a prompt start. Best estimates have the event starting in between 15 and 45 minutes. Apologies for this and thank you for your continued patience!


Right! Massive apologies for the delays. Guess that's what you get with the biggest game of the year. I'm currently in a massive throng of journalists outside Siren Studios in West Hollywood.


On the way here in a cab i passed a homeless man who looked like Simon Pegg. Totally irrelevant, but I have to pass the time somehow till the event kicks off...


Going in now. There are at least 50 people here, so it's taking a while.


Right, we're in. Presentation is about to begin. It's packed in here!


They're still squeezing people in. I reckon that there are about 100 people stuffed into this room. A massive projection at the front of the room shows a guy in full camo gear, stalking through a mass of flames. Excited yet?


And we're off!


Larry Hyrb just walked on stage. Says we're going to see something "really cool" tonight.


Video shows Xbox 360 limited edition console. 250 gb hard drive, two wireless controllers, plus the game. Pre-order available today... if you live in the USA


Todd alderman and robert bowling have just arrived on stage to talk about multiplayer...


Can customise your killstreak rewards. There's a default set they're showing off now, but you can re-arrange to your heart's content.


UAV is still the reward for 3 kills. 4 kills gives you a care package, giving you a random reward


5 kills gives you a remote contol missile, controlled via a laptop.


Players can unlock emblems, a bit like in SF4. "If you're really into riot shields, you'll unlock a lot of riot shield titles." Opponents will see these in games.


Tonnes of new weapons and attachments. Heartbeat sensor appears top be one. FAMAS also spotted as one new weapon.


Shotguns can have silencers! Oh my....


Right bumper doesn't have to have grenades. Can have throwing knife, blast shield or semtex.


New perk spotted on screen.... commando = increaed melee damage. That's new, right?


Sorry, i meant increased melee range. Apologies!


Can't shoot while using riot shield, plus it's slow to swap. But it stops bullets for you.


New feature.... Deathstreaks. Once you die a few times, a perk kicks in. "Copycat", for example, lets you steal an opponent's class setup once they've killed you four times.


New party support. Players in a party with you are identified by blue markers over their head. Easy to sticvk with your mates.


Right, that's it. "It's better to experience". Guess it's time to go play!


I have an interview lined up for twenty min from now, but in the meantime i'll post initial impressions here. No chance i'll jump on a console yet - there's a massive rush for consoles! Big surprise that.


No, as i suspected - all consoles are full already. i'm watching a Demolition game. Two bomb sites. Map is an urban construction site.


Gameplay is amazingly smooth.


More map details: a rooftop arena, with massive construction cranes overhead. Half-built walls. Polythene sheets flapping in the wind. The guy i'm watching is pretty good - just planted his second bomb, which looks like a suitcase full of dynamite sticks. Pretty evil looking.


Guy i'm watching is using the following perks: Lightweight, MArathon, Steady Aim.


I've moved to watch another game. This one is in a desert environment, with the wreck of a massive plane.


One journalist just described the game as "the best thing i've ever touched". Not sure how much he was kidding....


One of the default player names is Captain Price. Does that mean he survived CoD 4?


New map: Favela. Shanty town, narrow alleyways. Colourful propaganda on walls. Washing on a line. Abandoned football goals.


The FAMAS appears to be a popular weapon. One bloke is also using a SAW. Will see what else I can spot.


When you use the riot shield, it obscures the bottom quarter of the screen and you move more slowly.


One guy us dual wielding SMGs.... Can't tell what kind, because i'm not a gun nut.


Another new perk... "Bling". Not sure what it does yet.


Ah, "Bling" gives you two primary weapon attachments.


The Favela map also features an empty barber shop you can fight in. Quite cool.


Right, i'm afraid that's it from me for now. I've got an interview with someone from Infinity Ward. Might sign back on here later, but it probably won't be for 30 min or so. Otherwise, check the site for a preview very soon.


Okay, change of plan. My interview has been moved till later. I'll do a bit more reporting, but then i'm going to stop because I want to play the game for myself. You guys can understand that, right?


So... "Zakhaev", the villain from CoD 4, is also being used as one of the default player names on the demo consoles. That probably reduces the liklihood that Captain Price is returning for MW2. Infinity Ward have probably just picked these names for nostalgia's sake.


I've not seen any sniper weapons yet. Looks like the favela and the desert plane crash maps may be the only two on display. Weapons I have seen include: SPAS-12 shotgun, Colt 44 Magnum, FAMAS and UMP 45. I'm pretty sure you the UMP was the gun I saw being dual-wielded earlier.


Alright, time for some more general impressions. As I said earlier, the game is running extremely smoothly. We're on a LAN here, but still. Also, and this might just be me, but it seems to be a tiny bit quicker that CoD 4.


Graphics look pretty sexy too. Nice use of lighting, and loads of detail in the environments.


Right, i'm off to scrabble my way onto a console. As I said, we'll try to get a preview up as soon as possible. Over and out.

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thpcplayer's Avatar


my word this is gonna be goty 2009

lol silencers in shotguns :lol:
Posted 12:30 on 16 September 2009
El-Dev's Avatar


Shotguns with silencers...MW2 No Country For Old Men.
Posted 11:50 on 16 September 2009
Wido's Avatar


Info wetted my appetite even more :)

Shotguns with Silencers? New wave of campers! :scared:
Posted 11:24 on 16 September 2009
xboxlive's Avatar


THanks VG for the info.
Posted 10:10 on 16 September 2009
South_East_Jedi's Avatar


got an Activision presentation tomorrow at our suppliers HQ, this will be shown and I hope they allow some hands-on time, also showing off Acti's Q3/Q4 releases - Blur, Ride, DJ Hero and some others.
Posted 09:04 on 16 September 2009
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There are loads and loads of killstreak rewards, and once you get to a certain rank you can customise the order in which they unlock.

Care Package: Allows the player throw a special grenade that lets off red smoke. After a few seconds, a friendly helicopter drops a crate containing some form of bonus. It might be ammo, health, or another killstreak reward. You might suddenly get a reward that normally unlocks after 10 kills, for example. Also, other players (including the enemy) can steal your crate.

Predator Missile: Viewpoint switches to an overhead view of the map, in black and white, slowly zooming in (as the missile falls). Enemies are highlighted with red squares. The player can steer the rocket and accerate its descent with the right trigger. You can easily kill four people at once this way.

Sentry Gun: can be placed in strategic locations and set to operate automatically.

Vehicles: Killer helicopters are back, but this time there are multiple variants. You can eventually summon an AC-130 Gunship. Also, if opposing sides both have vehicles in the air, they will attempt to shoot each other down.
Posted 08:23 on 16 September 2009
mydeaddog's Avatar


Some quick updates for you guys.....

- The bulletproof shield is not mapped to the right bumper. It's actually a choice of primary weapon - i.e. you don't get a major weapon if you choose to use it.

- However, you can now take shotguns as your secondary weapon! So you could combine your shield with a SPAS-12.

- The weapon I thought was a SAW was in fact a L86 LSW

- The gun I saw being dual-wielded was in fact the PP2000

- Semtex works like a sticky grenade. It explodes after a short delay. Good for taking down people with shields.

- The Barrett .50 cal is the first sniper rifle you can use. You only get to use it once you reach level 4, which is also the point at which create-a-class is unlocked.
Posted 08:10 on 16 September 2009
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jetfire600@ c97124241

H8 u i posted befor you because u snitched both of ours got closed !!!!
Posted 04:20 on 16 September 2009
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iiKrUnCH@ VideoGameMan636

Its only 8:12 here
Posted 04:12 on 16 September 2009
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i posted it on nextgenupdate nicccccccccceeeeeeee
Posted 03:58 on 16 September 2009
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is this on t.v? or is it just exclusively there? and if so what channel :D not the actual number but like whoever's broadcasting it D:
Posted 03:41 on 16 September 2009
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is he video taping it
Posted 03:12 on 16 September 2009
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updates comiing
Posted 03:00 on 16 September 2009
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Oh well. Hope it's up soon.
Posted 02:51 on 16 September 2009
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already been 25mins hopefully it will start soon :p
Posted 02:51 on 16 September 2009
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