Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII screenshot
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII screenshot

Did you miss the release of Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core on PSP? Fear not as we've teamed up with Square Enix to offer readers some amazing prizes. One lucky winner will receive a Limited Edition Crisis Core silver Slim and Lite PSP as well as a copy of the game. The first runner-up will receive a standard piano black Slim and Lite PSP and a Special Edition copy of the game. And there's more. The four next runners-up will receive a Special Edition copy of the game and the final five runners-up will receive a standard copy of the game on PSP.


Winner: 1 Crisis Core PSP bundle - includes a copy of the game and Limited Edition PSP console

First runner-up: 1 Slim PSP (piano black) and Special Edition of Crisis Core on PSP

4x Second Runners-up: Special Edition copy of Crisis Core on PSP

5x Third Runners-up: Standard copy of Crisis Core on PSP

Game Information

Set seven years prior to the events of the first FINAL FANTASY VII, the Shinra Company is rapidly increasing its influence through its monopoly on mako energy and military might. With the burgeoning city of Midgar as its base and symbol of prosperity, Shinra is on the verge of establishing absolute dominance over the world.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII screenshot

SOLDIER is a group of skilled combat operatives within Shinra. The elite within the group — those strong enough to be deemed SOLDIER 1st Class — are respected and idolized by the citizenry.

Zack is a young SOLDIER 2nd Class who aspires to become a 1st. He spends his days carrying out assignments under the guidance of his 1st Class mentor, Angeal. During an operation in Wutai, a large number of SOLDIER member, led by 1st Class operative Genesis, go missing. The severity of the situation prompts Shinra executives to deploy even more SOLDIER operatives in hopes of bringing an end to the war with Wutai—and conducting an investigation into the mass desertion. The ones assigned to the mission are Zack, Angeal, and the 1st Class hero who is known the world over as Sephiroth...

What truths lie behind Genesis's disappearance? What secrets bind the three SOLDIER 1st Class operatives? For Zack, a cruel and fateful struggle awaits...


  • Complete the FINAL FANTASY VII experience and reunite with the most recognised RPG characters created by world-renowned character designer Tetsuya Nomura
  • Witness stunning graphics and CG cutscenes coupled with top-notch voice acting in a 16:9 widescreen presentation, made possible by the PSP system hardware
  • Innovative D.M.W (Digital Mind Wave) system enhances the action-packed real-time battle system, allowing players to unleash special attacks or call upon iconic FINAL FANTASY summons
  • Take on challenges with the all-new "Hard Mode" which was not in the original Japanese release
  • Acquire unique accessories, items and abilities made available through 300 side missions to further enrich the gameplay experience

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User Comments

zeldaplayer24's Avatar


i wonder who were the people to win the psp's
Posted 21:55 on 29 September 2008
Riiz's Avatar
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Man, I've never won anything before..but I hope I win something from this comp! XD
Posted 04:53 on 21 August 2008
Izzy's Avatar


wow cool comp's on this site Good Luck all xxx
Girl Gamer here
Posted 19:31 on 30 July 2008
zeldaplayer24's Avatar


i hope i get one of those psp's and a copie of the game god.
Posted 06:15 on 30 July 2008
ben's Avatar
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god damn, remembering Aeris' death almost reduced me to tears...once again...
Final Fantasy VII was literally my favorite J-RPG i've played to date, and i'd love to play this installment.
Posted 07:35 on 29 July 2008

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Competition Rules

  1. 1. No employees of or this competition's partner(s) may enter this competition.
  2. 2. Only one entry is allowed per person.
  3. 3. Valid details must be provided - we will contact you if you win via e-mail.
  4. 4. The closing date for this competition is Monday 18 August 2008.

5. The Competition is open to UK residents only.

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