Dante's Inferno screenshot
Dante's Inferno screenshot

Did you wake up this morning feeling a bit down? Things could be worse; you could be fighting through the nine circles of Hell. If you want a taste of what that might be like, but don't fancy the hot temperature and unpleasant company, we've got just the competition for you. We've teamed up with EA and Film Roman to give away three great prizes. Two winners will receive a copy of Dante's Inferno: The Animated Movie on Blu-ray, along with the game on PS3. One runner-up will receive the movie on Blu-ray.

Movie information
Dante's Inferno The Animated Movie follows Dante as he travels through limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery in search of his true love, Beatrice.

The visually stunning project is from the creative teams behind some of the boldest animated films of all time - including Ghost in the Shell, Blood the Last Vampire, Tales of the Black Freighter, Ergo Proxy and Samurai Champloo - it provides a breathtaking new version of Dante Alighieri's medieval classic, and the perfect way to delve deeper into the subjects covered in the interactive action adventure.

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User Comments


The spider man movies maybe
Posted 20:12 on 16 February 2010
Bloodstorm's Avatar


More like CBBC inspired.
Posted 22:13 on 14 February 2010
Mr_Ninjutsu's Avatar


I love GMTV inspired questions.

Posted 22:08 on 14 February 2010
rbevanx's Avatar


I love GMTV inspired questions.

Posted 21:54 on 14 February 2010
thompo555's Avatar


Could do with a free game! :D
Posted 15:45 on 14 February 2010
dudester's Avatar


Ohhh me me me let me win :D
Posted 20:26 on 12 February 2010
robz48's Avatar


I found Spider-Man in hell once.
Posted 19:24 on 12 February 2010
Brainmatter's Avatar


Game is awsome Need more souls.
Posted 19:05 on 12 February 2010

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Competition Rules

  1. 1. No employees of VideoGamer.com or this competition's partner(s) may enter this competition.
  2. 2. Only one entry is allowed per person.
  3. 3. Valid details must be provided - we will contact you if you win via e-mail.
  4. 4. The closing date for this competition is Friday 26 February 2010.

5. This competition is open to UK residents only. 6. Entrants must be aged 18 or over.

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