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The Xbox One is officially now a real thing. But, there's every chance you don't have one yet. More importantly, why pay for something when you can win one... for free!

So, thanks to Microsoft and Mountain Dew, we're giving you the chance to win one. Cue official blurb:

Get Your Hands on a Brand New Xbox One Console, Xbox Currency and ‘Game Fuel’ thanks to Mountain Dew.

They say that good things in life come in pairs and they’re right! Particularly when it comes to an awesome new partnership between Mountain Dew and Xbox One - the most eagerly awaited games and entertainment product, out now.

To celebrate this partnership, Mountain Dew is offering you the chance to win with Dew and get your hands on the brand new Xbox One console and a month’s supply of Mountain Dew ‘Game Fuel’. Runner’s up will receive Xbox Currency and Mountain Dew goodies.

For your chance to win big, simply answer the question below and for more information on the partnership visit:

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User Comments

leady1's Avatar


FAB xx.
Posted 17:14 on 03 December 2013
sycholect's Avatar


I bet a bot won it
Posted 15:35 on 02 December 2013
neill94's Avatar


who won the PS4?
Posted 14:47 on 02 December 2013


Posted 08:56 on 02 December 2013
SiphonCloud1's Avatar


Fingers X'd
Posted 00:40 on 02 December 2013

yellowsapphire@ Freekill

They already have. I've won everything. Muhahahaha!

NB: This competition is still running and I haven't won a thing. A damned thing. Dammit.
Posted 23:47 on 01 December 2013
Freekill's Avatar


So when are the winners of this and the ps4 going to be annouced?
Posted 23:45 on 01 December 2013
skai123's Avatar


Posted 22:57 on 01 December 2013
CheekyLee's Avatar

CheekyLee@ samslugger88

There is, look here:
Posted 11:12 on 01 December 2013
VeRyCoNfUsEd's Avatar


You get to win one of three X1's- A bricked console, a grinding console or maybe even a working console.
Posted 23:21 on 29 November 2013
samslugger88's Avatar


I wish there was a videogamer app on phones
Posted 23:13 on 29 November 2013
paul86's Avatar


the likely hood of me winning this is nigh on impossible but giving it a go!!
Posted 20:09 on 29 November 2013
RefuseBunny's Avatar


Nice competition. Thanks!
Posted 10:19 on 29 November 2013
sycholect's Avatar


Well a free Xbox1 might alleviate my disgust for Microsoft at the moment


Posted 23:51 on 28 November 2013
Jesus_Phish's Avatar

Jesus_Phish@ Woodfella

If its anything like the heartstone beta key give away then your details are already linked. I won a key from that and just got emailed my key.
Posted 20:44 on 28 November 2013

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