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The vital statistics of this most excellent equipment piece.

Welcome, Runes of Magic player. You're probably here because you want one of the 5,000 Jade Warrior's Leg Protector items we've got to give away as part of our mammoth Runes of Magic giveaway.

To get this coveted part of the Muse set, all you have to do is register to become a member of by clicking on the button below. If you're already registered, log-in to and click on the button below and a key code will appear before your eyes. You can redeem this key on the official website. Keys are only valid on EU servers.

Now beware, the item keys will be dished out on a first come, first serve basis, so be quick. Good luck! You'll find details on how to obtain the remaining four Muse Set items over on the official Runes of Magic website.

Don’t know what Runes of Magic is? Shame on you. Head over to our Runes of Magic game page for everything you need to know on one of the best free-to-play MMORPGs out there.

This giveaway is now closed!


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User Comments

DarkDragon1993's Avatar


<3 my first key! xD
but *****, server maintence o.o
Posted 11:25 on 19 May 2009
daeagle76's Avatar


I do not even get the key.
I registered, I am logged in, I klick "Give me the key" and I get logged out. That´s it. No E-Mail, no key, no nothing.
Posted 09:07 on 19 May 2009
brammie2118's Avatar


Codes have to be entered on the site, there you give your account name, password and this code..
And the sites gives you a new code which you enter in the game :)
Posted 18:44 on 18 May 2009
TomO's Avatar


Hi guys. I've been given some info that might help you out.

Two possible sources of the problem:

1. Keys are solely valid on EU servers
2. Codes must be entered on the website, not in the game.

Contact the support-team if you don't fall into one of these two categories:,en.html
Posted 15:37 on 18 May 2009
williamwaterboy's Avatar


Same here!! My key doesn't work!
Posted 14:42 on 18 May 2009
fulgurous's Avatar


The key I was given does not work.
Posted 14:29 on 18 May 2009
rudartrepca's Avatar

rudartrepca@ Marink

I guess never. And the game is excellent. And this set should be with you for at least 10 levels, so gogo :)
Posted 13:50 on 18 May 2009
Marink's Avatar


How long 'till this code expires (if ever)?

I haven't got the game just yet, you see. :p
Posted 09:46 on 18 May 2009

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