The PSP's software catalogue isn't exactly brimming with brilliant action games, so when one comes along that's as good as Chili Con Carnage we had to make sure as many people got to play it as possible. We've teamed up with the game's publisher Eidos to give away 10 copies of the game to lucky Pro-G readers.

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In case you missed our review, Chili Con Carnage is probably the most action packed PSP game you'll play this year, all wrapped up inside some spicy Mexican humour and crazy special attacks. If you ever wanted to unleash a giant wrestler wearing a gimp mask, now's your chance.

Style plays a big part too, so don't think you can simply run through each level without a care in the world. Combos and mid-air kills are the name of the game, meaning it'll be a long time before you're playing the game as well as the developers have allowed you to.

Chili Con Carnage from Eidos and Deadline Games is out now, exclusively for the PSP.

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awww... i put the wrong one i just noticed the text
Posted 17:43 on 01 March 2007
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i got it ^^
Posted 20:10 on 22 February 2007
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Sarcasm, retard
Posted 16:19 on 22 February 2007
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The clue is in the text :p
Posted 10:34 on 22 February 2007
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it was the squirrel, right?
Posted 12:34 on 21 February 2007

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