Blizzard has kept mum about Project Titan. It's their currently in-development, under-wraps, and so far extensively secret new MMO which occasionally rears its head in the odd news headline. But what do we actually know about it so far?

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It will feature in-game advertising: A new job listing has found its way to Blizzard's official recruitment page this week, hiring a franchise development producer. The listing confirms the company is looking to find someone who can "work with major consumer brands to facilitate product placement and licensing within the world of Blizzard Entertainment's next-gen MMO that enhances the gameplay experience," suggesting the MMO will feature in-game adverts.

What this means: It's already being rumoured that this might hint at a present-day setting for the game, although it's worth remembering even EverQuest II had an in-game Pizza Hut command. Product placement doesn't necessarily suggest Titan will adopt a modern setting to suit real-world references, however it is possible this could be used to offset a subscription cost.

Two years ago Bobby Kotick laid down Activision Blizzard's policy on introducing advertisements into games, stating the company would not barrage paying or subscribing customers with corporate advertising:

"As long as our audience is paying $60 for a game or a subscription fee I think we're going to limit the amount of advertising or sponsorship incorporated into a game."

However he also highlighted the possibility of using adverts as an alternative method of monetising a game:

"There may be future opportunities where you might offer a consumer an advertiser-supported experience so they wouldn't have to pay for it."

This speaks to the possibility of Titan being either free-to-play or having a far lower subscription cost compared to standard subscription-based MMOs.

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