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PS3 Video Store to open in spring

ps3 final hardware 11 -

The Rumour: At the recent retailer focussed Destination PlayStation conference, Sony Computer Entertainment America showed off a first glimpse of the PlayStation Video Store. It's reported that the store will share the same visual styling as the SingStar SingStore. It's also believed this style will be used to revamp the PlayStation Store as a whole.

Verdict: With Microsoft already offering a video store, Sony once again finds itself lagging behind so a spring launch for its service is certainly a strong possibility. Don't bank on the service launching simultaneously around the world though, with North America expected to come first.

Plausibility rating: 3/5

Disaster: Day of Crisis to hit Europe in May

Disaster: Day of Crisis screenshot

The Rumour: The Wii action disaster survival game has been in development since before the Wii hit stores and a source close to the German retail channel has learned the game could be set for a May release across Europe.

Verdict: The rumour comes from Nintendic whose source is said to have been correct with dates for previous Nintendo releases Advance Wars: Dark Conflict and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Nintendo's titles beyond the April releases of Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit are pretty much unknown for Europe so May could be accurate.

Plausibility rating: 3/5

In-game XMB set for summer

ps3 final hardware 1 -

The Rumour: Speaking to MCV, SCE UK boss Ray Maguire revealed that the PlayStation 3's momentum will continue thanks to the "introduction of in-game communication in the summer". This "in-game communication" is thought to be the much rumoured in-game XMB functionality.

Verdict: MCV is a highly trusted trade publication and the words did come directly from the Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss. The only thing that stops this being a confirmed truth is the way Maguire described the new functionality. "In-game communication" isn't the same as saying "in-game XMB".

Plausibility rating: 4/5

Crysis shown running on Xbox 360 at GDC

Crysis screenshot

The Rumour: Prior to the show Crytek announced it would be showing press and potential licensees its CryENGINE 2 running on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Primotech has learned that Crytek was showing more than an engine demo. Behind closed doors the developer is said to have been showing off Crysis running on Xbox 360 hardware.

Verdict: It's well known that Crytek used GDC to demo its CryENGINE 2 on consoles, but this is the first we've heard of them actually showing Crysis on a console. Previous information hasn't denied a console port of Crysis, but has suggested it's not something that's currently in development, even suggesting the game would be outsourced to an external developer so that Crytek can progress with other projects.

Plausibility rating: 2/5

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User Comments

Cabal's Avatar
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Sony Defence force to the rescue I see .. face the facts guys .. the PS3 is a gimped games machine .. Blu-ray is great though.
Posted 16:52 on 21 March 2008
Speed2's Avatar
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Hey Cabal nice point about ps3 ram, but do u know those indivisual 256 rams are programable to run as 512, which naugthy dogs did for Uncharted Engine please go and do some research

cmon Xbox fans u know it in ur guts that the best looking games are on ps3 Uncharted, Ratchet, UTIII > looks good than GoW, Heavenly sword, LAIR, GT5, MGS, Killzone 2, LBP, Motorstorm 2, Resistance 2, God of War 3, FF Versus XIII, and many more, and remember this only a rumor that xbox will also be getting Crysis, and i dont think Crytek dev are stupid to announce crysis for ps3 as they know the potential of the machine
Posted 13:29 on 06 March 2008
CABAL's Avatar
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Handwipe is correct, neither console version of Crysis will ever look as good as the PC on the " very high " settings .. that said, I dont know anyone outside of our studio that can run it with every last setting cranked AND get a decent framerate. Even the custom PC's we have here are barely hitting a constant 30fps with those setings.
The 360 presents an opportunity where the Crysis could be down sampled to 600p or 640p (like COD 4 and Halo 3) and still keep all the eye candy .. the 360's built-in HANA scaler will take it from there .. with, I might add, no performance hit to the gpu or cpu .. try explaining that to PS fanboys who dont want to hear it and cry " LAZY DEV'S ! " anytime you mention the reality of their beloved PS3's architecture.
Posted 01:55 on 06 March 2008
Handwipe's Avatar


I have to agree with CABAL on this one. Another good point to bring up is how the 360 supports some DX10 elements which is a bring reason the graphics were so great. PS3 on the other hand does not. Either way the game will be nowhere near as good as the PC version no matter which console it's on.
Posted 00:31 on 06 March 2008
ok's Avatar
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i stand mistaken and apologise good sir
Posted 23:52 on 05 March 2008
Tony again's Avatar
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Tony again

The crytech engine has not (originally) been built for Cell tech... That's why it will probably run better on the 360. I don't expect them to totally rebuild the engine for PS3. If it's gonna be a port, its gonna suck as hard as The orangebox on PS...
Posted 23:49 on 05 March 2008
CABAL's Avatar
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No fanboy here brother .. just a jaded developer .. if the PS3 had more ram and better deveopment tools maybe we could make better use of those SPU's .. as it stands the 360 has more provable performance .. sorry if that hurts your fragile ego.
Posted 23:46 on 05 March 2008
Virtual Tony's Avatar
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Virtual Tony

What's the source of the crysis info?
Posted 23:43 on 05 March 2008
LOL's Avatar
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im a 360 user but come on cabal, aces is right
Posted 23:37 on 05 March 2008
ACES's Avatar
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oh god, come off it already. the ps3 is just as capable as the 360. your fanboy hard-on must be stealing blood from your brain. try harder next time, maybe you won't sound like a raving fanatic
Posted 23:16 on 05 March 2008
CABAL's Avatar
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Crysis will have to be severely dumbed down to run on a PS3, I'm talking " low " PC settings ! .. The 360 might actually pull it off though but with likely only the "high" settings from the PC intact, not the "very high" settings. 360 fanboys can thank Microsoft for this, XM Core has blessed the 360 with some serious multi-core CPU load distribution tools. And yes, it will look and run beautifully. Sorry Sony fans but Crysis just is not in the cards for the PS3 and you can thank Kutaragi for that.
Posted 23:04 on 05 March 2008

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