Tom Orry, Editor - Duolingo, PC

tomoface -

Tom learning French

This is going to sound a bit like an advert, but the 'game' I've played the most of this week is free-to-play language learning tool Duolingo. Up until this week I've had next to no interest in learning a new language, the last time I did so being about 14 years ago at school. Anyway, Steve mentioned this cool sounding site that makes learning into a bit of a game, so I signed up and have been chipping away at basic French all week.

So far so good. I've levelled up a few times, have 88 skills points and learned 48 words. I reckon I'm currently at about the level of a 12-year-old who has had been learning French for a month. If I keep at it I'm hoping to be fluent by the end of 2013.

Steve Burns, Reviews and Features Editor - S.T.A.L.K.E.R, PC

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow Of Chernobyl screenshot

Yes that one, PC Stalker, from 2007. No, I will not call it S.T.A.L.K.E.R. That doesn't even make sense.

So, Stalker. It's great. An RPG-shooter set in an atmospheric post-apoc environment; one that offers fulfilling exploration and is intent on giving players the fear. It's roughly 600 times better than all the Crysis games put together. In years to come, when the bombs drop and the internet is gone, the world will be made up of two types of people: those who survive because they played Stalker, and those who died because they didn't.

I think I may have played too much Stalker.

Matt Lees, Video Production Editor - Dark Souls, PC

Dark Souls screenshot

The copy of Tomb Raider that's sat on my desk hasn't managed to entice me yet, so I've once again found myself returning to a classic. I've been trying to see how far I can get playing Dark Souls with a character that's only wearing pants, and it's reminded me that - despite having already finished the game twice – From Software's masterpiece is endlessly playable. There's a chance I might get bored of it someday, but I can't imagine it arriving any time soon.

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jeffyboy40's Avatar


Finished CRYSIS 3 this week,eventually warmed to it ,although the end was a bit clunky,the campaign is only a quarter of the length of CRYSIS 2 and i think it was better for it.
Put more time into the mp and ive reached the conclusion that it requires more skill than black ops 2 to get even average results.
Also i am playing BIOSHOCK again for the first time since it launched nearly six years ago,well all i can say is that i was totally immersed from the first second of the game,it still looks ,sounds and plays better than most current games and has REALLY got me pumped for INFINITE! If you have not played this game ,get on it now as you can buy it on XBLM for pennies.
Posted 15:38 on 03 March 2013
munkee's Avatar


I had a busy working week and not much game time. But I've managed to squeeze a good bit of Draw Race 2 in. Still love that game. One of the most original racing games I've played in years.

And not a game, but I've spent quite a few hours learning Cinema 4D which has been very exciting indeed :)
Posted 09:19 on 03 March 2013
Nxs's Avatar


At almost 300 hours, still playing and loving Borderlands 2. Also been playing a little bit of Scribblenauts Unlimited on the Wii U. :D
Posted 17:00 on 02 March 2013
Bloodstorm's Avatar


PC gaming master race site.

Anyway, real talk, i've renewed my WoW account playing in a new server with old friends, we've reached Outland in a matter of a week and now the game is getting more fun.

Also played the MIGHTY DMC Bloody Palace, loving that.

OHH and i won a 10 man deathmatch in Unreal Tournament at a LAN on sunday.
Posted 14:00 on 02 March 2013
Njeezy's Avatar


Borderlands 2 and Guild wars 2 although with the latter I'm constantly making new characters so have 4 level 10s and a level 25.
Posted 13:45 on 02 March 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


Always wanted to try STALKER, alas... as a mac user, the specs never quite lined up with what was needed to emulate the titles... :-/ The series does sound like a lot of fun, though...

Otherwise, already have too many games to work my way through!! Tried to finish Dead Space 3 in time for the next big hitter, Tomb Raider, alas there is now overlap. Both have been good games thus far - neither brilliant, as there was so much potential that was overlooked in favour over mass-market simplification. X-Com: Enemy Unknown as also seen the odd bout, which is brilliant because it is a game one can just pick up where you left off, do a mission, and leave it again for a couple of weeks, no harm done. Also tried to get back into Assassins Creed 3, but... well... that's another squandered opportunity title...

Then there is the ever-present Minecraft: X360 Edition. How such a simple game can command such power beggars belief - this title alone ensures some degree of backwards compatibility with the next console, I hold no doubts.
Posted 10:36 on 02 March 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar


Have to say too I look a year of French when I was back at school. Passed it, but all I could say now is "Hello, my name is Billy", "yes, yes, yes", and "it's not very comfortable for me"... Guess that means if I ever goto some weird BDSM party I'd at least be able to blend in.
Posted 10:08 on 02 March 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar


Good to see the gang playing older games. And gooder (er- better) still to see Tom wearing some costumes. Keep it up. Actually wait, is that even Tom in the pic?

On my end I've just started Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes on the PC and Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3.

Nearly two hours in and I'm still not sure what the hell's happening in FFXIII - i'cie; pulse; fel'cie; Sanctum; pulse; Cocoon...

Not doing much better on the Grotesque end either - an hour in and I still have no idea how to save, plus the screen is locked in some weird resolution which makes reading the text ingame kinda annoying. Still, the story has some potential thus far - it makes a mockery of other RPGs basically.
Posted 10:04 on 02 March 2013
Mintyrebel's Avatar


That Duolingo site looks brilliant Tom! If it ever gets a Japanese version I will try it out :)
Posted 17:44 on 01 March 2013
Wido's Avatar


Its only been Metal Gear Rising Revengeance for me. When it hasn't been MGR, its been Netflix.
Posted 16:28 on 01 March 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


I added Resident Evil 4 HD and Assassin's Creed Revelations to my digital XBox 360 library this week, thanks to Microsoft for the £8.99 Marketplace Sale prices.

But as usual I've completely ignored them and carried on with Life is Crime on Android instead. It's pretty addictive as in "every 10 minutes you need to do something and there's always something to keep you busy in-between" addictive. I guess an equivalent would be a fantastic goodies chest respawning every 10 minutes in Skyrim or Borderlands 2 between waves of zombies. Or dragon zombies.

Might make a start on one of the other two games tonight though. But which one?!
Posted 16:09 on 01 March 2013

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