Tom Orry, Editorial Director - Need for Speed Rivals, PS4

Need For Speed Rivals screenshot

I played the Destiny Beta for a bit, but being a bit of a loner it was hard to get into it, and one-time-friend David Scammell had refused to party up with me. I turned to Rivals instead, and much fun was had. I still don't think it's up to Hot Pursuit, but the driving model is great and it's a very pretty game considering it's a cross-gen title. Will I get bored and play something else in a week? Quite likely. But I'm having a good time at the moment.

Dave Scammell, News Editor – Strider, PS4

Strider screenshot

So yeah, who knew this was actually pretty good? A Metroidvania platformer that sinks its shurikens in right to the end with its super compelling gameplay and sci-fi take on Eastern Europe. It has its fair share of issues - the most frustrating being the inability to go back and mop up the collectibles once the end credits roll - but I was unexpectedly taken by this. Another excellent PS Plus freebie. Be sure to grab it while you can.

Brett Phipps, Staff Writer - Final Fantasy VII, PC

final fantasy 7 -

During the Steam Summer Sale, FFVII was available for a very low price, so I picked it up, adamant I would complete it 16 years after my first attempt. The trouble is, it can be a bloody long and tedious game.

The story is great, so too the combat, but when you’re forced to grind to get a team capable of beating the latest enemy in order to advance the narrative, it’s just a slog disguised in what the 90s and all JRPGs labelled ‘longevity’.

I’m about 20 hours in, and think I’ve had my fill. I’ll just look at the wikis to get a rundown of the plot, check YouTube for the major moments and that’ll be enough for me.

Steve Burns, Deputy Editor - Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Crew

This week I went on a road trip across the states with the rest of the office in The Crew. You can see the highlights here in a video some are saying "might well be the best video you guys have put out", "Delightfully pointless!" and "The car in the game isn't even a convertible, I think it's fake!"

I've also been ploughing through Wolfenstein: The New Order, which is OK in short bursts, like Dave.

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Woodfella@ KamSage

the lore certainly matters to me. Each NPC on their own journey, some of which come to tragic conclusions, okay, all of which.
Posted 21:57 on 27 July 2014


Destiny Beta (PS4): Thought the alpha was dull until I did a strike mission. So, I was quite happy to get onto the beta but found it dull again until I got to the strike again. There's some invisible tipping point I keep hitting which turns the game from dull to dope! Did the moon mission last night for the load test and my heart was pumping! Can't wait till September! I know it'll only be fun for a month, but meh!

Infamous: Second Son (PS4): Second play-through as the bad guy this time. I do agree with the Jim's review (even if it did sound quite negative when in essence it wasn't), but I don't think this is the best Infamous. That in my opinion was Infamous 2, it had a much stronger cast and you actually saw more of them. The only bad points the game really has is how long it leaves you to just do your own thing between plot points, and when it does pick up the pace before you know it the credits roll and it's not that hard on hard. It's actually quite laughable in regards to difficulty really.

Dragons Crown (PS Vita): Now - this one did surprise me. Under that designed by a 14yo male bag of hormones exterior is a superb game. I'm four hours in and it keeps getting better and better. The down side is Rogue Legacy is out on Wednesday, so I'll most likely ditch it to play that (first world problems).

Posted 18:06 on 27 July 2014


Finished Dark Souls for the first time.
I suppose I know why the game is touted as being a fresh take on an old action RPG genre, but to me it actually felt like an old arcade game. I just wandered around a small world, fighting enemies, dying and repeating that pattern until I learnt their patterns and got fairly lucky enough to kill them. I never felt like my skills were being tested, I felt as if I was getting lucky with my attacks. I think I was only pleased to kill one boss the entire game, which were Ornstein & Smough, and that was because I lost so many souls and humanity to them, I just hated them.
It was a well designed game though, from the save points, to the levels, the world and the enemies, i'd not felt a world so connected with itself before, everything lead into each other. I realised it was sort of like Bioshock in a way. Lordran and Rapture are both cities that have fallen into a limbo state of death and decay, where their majesty turned twisted and disfigured. You're exploring the aftermath of that, trying to piece together what happened. It was intriguing.
Everything else seemed kind of plain. The streams of Pantsman made the game feel like it had character but the lore present was just sort of there in item descriptions and it never really mattered. Think I'll just stick to watching next time.
Posted 10:24 on 27 July 2014
Nxs's Avatar


PS4: Destiny beta. Although somewhat entertaining, I really don't see the big deal nor would I consider it a next gen game. Mainly because I play it on the PS4 and my son plays it on the ps3 and other than the PS4 version being a little prettier, it is pretty much your standard fare game that requires online. This was on my GF list, but it will be removed.

PC: Kerbal. Took a little bit to get used to have to pay for parts. Will be playing for a long time to come.

Torchlight 2. As it is just always entertaining.

Posted 19:03 on 26 July 2014

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