Simon Miller, Editor-In-Chief - Zoo Rampage, PC

zoorampge -

This week Chris Bratt inflicted the pain of Zoo Rampage on me, a game where the idea is far better than the gubbins that actually made it to Steam.

Hoping that the simple will become the addictive, Zoo Rampage asks you to pick an animal before running riot through said zoo. You smash walls, take out other species, kill people. All the standard things you'd expect should a bunch of predators escape from their enclosures.

And that's it. Each round lasts two minutes and by and large is really boring. Plus it costs around £6. Do not buy Zoo Rampage.

Dave Scammell, Deputy News Editor – Titanfall, Xbox One

Titanfall screenshot

I call him Fassbender. My new Pilot-stomping English gentleman is just one of the reasons why Respawn should be commended for its approach to prolonging the life of its multiplayer shooter. There's no premium-priced marijuana camo here: just free modes, notable tweaks and new customisation options for cheapskates like me, and decent new maps for those willing to push the boat out on additional content.

It's better than it ever was on both a technical and creative level, and for a game like Titanfall - a spectacular shooter even at launch - that's something that shouldn't go by unnoticed.

Steve Burns, Reviews and Features Editor - Score: World Goals, iOS

scoreworldgoals03 -

The World Cup is nearly over, and all is wrong again. Well, nearly all: there's still the majesty of Score: World Goals to rely on. If you haven't played it, it's a free iOS game that tasks players with recreating famous goals by drawing the flight of the ball (in every element that makes up the move, be it pass, shot, etc). Simple in theory, addictive in practice, it's a near-perfect timewaster.

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For some reason I thought its a good Idea to play Civ5 again. But its not, I loose too much Time ^^
Posted 07:59 on 14 July 2014


Just finished Transformers: Rise of the dark spark. It seemed like a long slog with very little reward and the Michael Bay version of the characters just left a bad taste in my mouth. Not recommended, really.
Posted 21:09 on 12 July 2014
Manguy17's Avatar


Oh Titanfall, I wanted to love you. But you won't stop lagging for me.
Other than crying about the lack of mech action in my life I've also been playing Mass effect, although I'm on the second one and probably don't have the patience to 100% it. There are some mechs to shoot that's nice.
Posted 13:47 on 12 July 2014


Just 100%'d Mass Effect 3 along with the (entirely excellent) Citadel DLC, effectively waving goodbye to my favourite ever trilogy of games. Feeling a bit raw and emotional about it all, so relaxing with a bit of Forza before bashing the poop out of some Decpticons in Transformers: FoC.
Posted 17:25 on 11 July 2014

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