Tom Orry, Editor - Football Manager 2013, PC

Football Manager 2013 screenshot

Nothing new here. It's getting to the point now where I'm not sure if I'm playing Football Manager just because it's the thing I do. I'm more or less unbeatable as Barcelona, given that I appear to own all the best players in the world, and a lack of quality coming through means there's a massive dearth of players who have more than 3 stars. Having said that, I did recently buy a 3-star winger for the bargain price of £7.5m - he's now valued at £18m.

Next up for me is the unlock for winning 20 cups. I'm currently at 19 and in the semi final of the Spanish Cup. Considering I'm averaging five goals a game and conceding on average less than one, I think I'm in with a pretty good shot of getting my 20th this season, perhaps more.

David Scammell, Deputy News Editor - Dead Space 3, Xbox 360

Dead Space 3 screenshot

You've read the review and you've seen the score, but three hours into Dead Space 3 and I'm pretty impressed.

I've long been one of Dead Space 3's harshest critics. You've probably heard me discussing my concerns on the podcast. From that horrific bro-shooter reveal right the way through to its bizarre Phil Collins launch trailer, the game has been on the receiving end of a disastrous marketing campaign. But it didn't need to be.

See, the first few hours of Dead Space 3 - bar the rubbish opening 20 minutes - is very much the usual Dead Space. It still does the Dead Space 2 thing of trying to scare the player by over-running them with enemies, rather than relying on the fear of the unknown, and there are narrative elements that I think are totally unnecessarily (love triangles, in our Dead Space?!). But the rest of it - the claustrophobic space stations and spectacular galactic vistas in particular - has left me unexpectedly impressed.

I'm still concerned about what I might find when I eventually touch down on Tau Volantis, but as a fan of the original Dead Space, I've been pleasantly surprised by the majority of what I've seen so far. Except those micro-transactions. Whoever thought of those deserves a plasma cutter to the knee.

Steve Burns, Reviews and Features Editor - An upcoming game

Frustratingly I've been playing a game that, due to embargo, I can't actually talk about. The publisher has told me that doing so will be punished with death by EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS. All I can say is that it's not nearly as bad as some were expecting (so far), and that fans of the franchise will get a huge kick out of it. I can say no more, or it'll be game over man, game over.

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rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ reynoldio

I didn't mind Linger in Shadows but I wouldn't have been happy if I paid more than 2 quid for it.
Posted 17:18 on 11 February 2013
reynoldio's Avatar

reynoldio@ BC_Animus

You hit detuned on the head there - it is a bloke standing up, sitting down, messing around, being distorted all along to a crazy soundtrack and/or your own music. Weird and interesting but only a mild diversion. Linger in Shadows is more of an interactive short film with the odd thing to find or do.

Think they both claim to be tech demos, more art pieces than games for sure. I'd recommend Linger for a quick look for a couple of quid, but not really detuned unless you like turning a bloke into an elephant, colouring him purple and making multiple versions of him dance around a chair. And who wouldn't?!
Posted 15:48 on 11 February 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar

BC_Animus@ reynoldio

@reynoldio I had a go with both Linger In Shadows and detuned ages back. Were those made by the same people? What else have they done? I kept thinking they were tech demos, or maybe some kind of interactive teaser/trailer for an upcoming game. I thought Linger had the making of an interesting exploration/puzzle type game, and kinda liked it.

detuned I don't really remember much of, except for a guy standing up and sitting down on a chair repeatedly. Seem to recall little aliens dancing around him or something as well? God its titles like these that makes me wish I smoke weed.
Posted 05:08 on 11 February 2013
Njeezy's Avatar


I've not played a massive amount this week, so I've just been dipping into Borderlands 2 to complete the odd quest when i have the time.
Posted 23:15 on 10 February 2013
Mintyrebel's Avatar


Playing way too much FM13 right now, my QPR team are in Europe in my third season, Welbeck is an inspirational signing (£8 million), 20 goals so far and we're only in December! Other than that been playing a bit more LoL and some Valkyria Chronicles when I can be bothered to load up to the PS3.
Posted 22:48 on 10 February 2013
reynoldio's Avatar


Been back on the PS3 a little, had some cravings for Journey so had to give that a little bash. Such an amazing game, I adore it. Wonderful experience too, but I won't have people saying it's only that.

Linger in Shadows and detuned now they're (weird) experiences, but interesting nonetheless.

Didn't like the opening to Quantum Conundrum so that got deleted, F1 Race Stars was okay but not anywhere near as good a kart racer as others that spring to mind and it's certainly not going to keep me away from NFS:MW. That leaves Sleeping Dogs which I'm quite looking forward to but it's doing multiple gig updates and it's nearly bedtime, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow.
Posted 22:43 on 10 February 2013
Clockpunk's Avatar


Revisiting an old XBLIG favourite, Zombies and Pterodactyls 2KXX, has been the centre of my gaming this week. I've said it before, but I do think the smaller and tighter indie games are where the future of the hobby lies.

Alas, spent much time trying to configure the drivers on my old partner-donated PC to get Don't Starve to work again, since the last update buggered it up somewhat. Alas... to no avail (after hours of trying). It is precisely THIS that makes me a console gamer... I just really want to be able to play the game again, especially with the plethora of new additions to the gameplay really changing the mechanics s lot.

Although, saying that, I have caved and ordered Dead Space 3, and preordered both Tomb Raider and Aliens: Colonial Marines (curse being a hardcore gamer and susceptible to the allure of the old hype train!!) (a.k.a. done a 'Wido' :p)
Posted 12:45 on 09 February 2013
VG_Dave's Avatar

VG_Dave@ jeffyboy40

I'm playing on Normal, too. Can't say I've found it challenging, other than the section we played in the Extended Play. Typical!
Posted 12:39 on 09 February 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


Steve, that's a bit of a giveaway, I was expecting it to offer nothing new to the franchise of existing games, and you're saying that it's not as bad as my current stance of "no way am I gonna buy it". Which leaves me with the feeling that it's still bad, so far, with the potential to get worse.

Anyhow, I've been sticking with Life is Crime, rooting out the spies from my friends list, taking out whole gangs at once, consolidating my existing territory, and getting whacked a lot more. It's a silly little game really, but it has thousands of leaderboards (me likes), lots of tick-based tactical strategy (me likes), ganking (me loves), always something to do (me likes), you can gain edges with a little applied intelligence (me likes) and goes on forever (me likes).

The XBox 360 did get turned on a couple of times, watched The Dictator on NowTV, Utopia on 4OD and got around to installing, but not actually playing, Resident Evil 6, because my tick was up and I had to take care of a thing. You know, the thing. In Life is Crime.

Pretty sure Microsoft didn't foresee their platform ending up this way in the hands of a gamer. Neither did I.
Posted 12:23 on 09 February 2013
rbevanx's Avatar


Well I only played Dead Space 3 last night for about 10 minutes as I plan do it properly on co-op with a mate.
Not a great start already but hopefully it will pick up, but to make up for lack of AAA game I was expecting last night, I played a bit of Full House Poker as well as Perfect Dark which I have given up on the 360 as it's such a poor conversion and Sega Rally this morning for a couple of minutes
Posted 12:14 on 09 February 2013
jeffyboy40's Avatar


Which difficulty are you playing on Dead Space 3 dave?,im playing on normal and its way easier than DS2 on normal.
Posted 11:43 on 09 February 2013
Wido's Avatar


I get the feeling Steve has been playing Aliens? :p By the way VG, when will your review of Aliens be up exactly? Will it be tomorrow or a 8.00am Monday review? I am somewhat looking forward to it.

I have been playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 quite a bit over the past couple of days. I'm surprised to see so many people still playing the game! I have no DLC on the PS3 version, yet I did on the 360. Surprisingly in contrast.... The 360 version with the DLC I encountered less people playing the game. Playing on the PS3 with no DLC, a lobby of gamers! Fantastic for a game which has been out for 3 years now and still holds up very well! Clearly EA & DICE should look to the hugely anticipated title of Bad Company 3, no? ;)

Played some Killzone 3 and I am enjoying it. Not as good as Killzone 2 so far, though its more balls to the wall and fighting for hope. It is more over the top in the action, yet story purposes its a lot better!

Gave the Dead Space 3 demo another whirl and finished it to the end this time. The demo got better once I got further. I will end up getting the game sooner than expected. I was watching the IGN video review and it was stated that replaying the game over & over again for the better upgrades and RIG is 10x the fun. Replay value seems to be pretty good in that aspect. The crafting table is very good. Making new mods giving damage, speed and reload bonuses is pretty neat, and creating those important health packs and stasis packs too! Not only those vital items, but also ammo! Nice, I can see myself going through the game multiple times than compared to DS1 & DS2 which never screamed out to replay the game again, because it will be different this time around.
Posted 11:14 on 09 February 2013
BC_Animus's Avatar


OMFG Steve's been playing Duke Nukem Forever 2?!!
Posted 11:06 on 09 February 2013

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