Tom Orry, Editor - Football Manager 2013, PC

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I'm on the brink and it's all down to a 3-2 defeat to QPR. Well, it's also down to losing by numerous goals to Chelsea, Man City, ManU, and Arsenal, but the most recent bad result is by far the worst. I'd been doing OK, having recovered from a very dodgy opening to the season. I currently sit in 7th place in the league, but I had been third and looking good for Champions League qualification. I'm now slipping rapidly and reading news reports about how my job is in the balance.

I've done all this playing FM13's classic mode, which streamlines everything into an easier to manage package - ideal considering I only play the game during my lunch break, and wouldn't get anywhere if I had all the full-fat game's options at my disposal. You do miss out on some of the attachment you get to your club and players, but I still regularly shout expletives at Defoe for being a "$!$!".

Neon Kelly – Video Production Editor, Quake 2, PC

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Revisiting Quake 2 some 15 years after its launch, it's strikingly clear how much things have changed. Originally that last sentence was going to read " far we've come", but I'm not entirely convinced that's true. Because even when you look at everything modern shooters can be, at the various achievements of CoD, Halo, Far Cry and the others, there's still something missing. Put simply, there was a purity of design here that we'll never see again. "They don't make 'em like this any more", as the saying goes. And for once, that's actually true. They really don't.

David Scammell, Deputy News Editor - ZombiU, Wii U

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ZombiU is a game that I love to hate. After prolonged sessions of play (and in ZombiU's case, I'm talking somewhere between the 30-60 minute mark) I find the atmosphere and tension of Ubisoft Montpellier's apocalyptic London becomes too unbearable, to the point where any eerie noise or unexpected movement is enough to make me jump out of my seat and turn off the console. And then, two hours later, I want to get straight back on with it. That's impressive.

I've never experienced this with a game before. In horror games of old, if I was ever terrified enough to not want to continue, I'd likely never go back. I've already told of the time I returned the original Resident Evil to the shop after discovering a zombie for the first time, and how the skinned thing attached to the chain mail fence in Silent Hill left me emotionally scarred. Just thinking about Project Zero or Forbidden Siren sends shivers down my spine, too.

But there's something about ZombiU that keeps me coming back, no matter how pant-wettingly scary it is. It's a true survival horror, and a game that keeps me up all night - even when I'm not playing it.

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Ghost5's Avatar


Finished New Super Mario Bros U. 100% with all Star Coins and 5 stars on save file. Fantastic game and is the best of the "New" series by far!

Nintendo Land was also played with the family. Mario Chase imo is the best of the bunch with Battle Quest coming in for a close second!

Also picked up Assassin's Creed III and ZombiU on Wii U yesterday. Not played much but are awesome thus far. ZombiU is shaping up to be a scary ass game!

And if anyone wants to add my Nintendo Network ID just search for IanWindram. :)
Posted 11:32 on 10 December 2012
BC_Animus's Avatar


Still playing through Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning. About 40 hours in and completely burnt out by the side quests at this stage. Trying to finish the game so I can clear some HD space on my PC, but at this stage I'm probably gonna abandon it soon. Ha.

Another game I've been playing though is Virtue's Last Reward. I never played 999, so I'm probably not quite up to speed on the story, but thus far this puzzle game's been pretty interesting. Probably should've gotten the 3DS version though - think it would be easier to play with a stalus.

Anyways VG staff-creatures, you guys planning on playing any Christmas themed games in the weeks ahead?
Posted 09:53 on 10 December 2012
Endless's Avatar


Guild Wars 2 has it's hooks fully entrenched in my psyche again, i cant even think about playing anything else at the moment. So much so that any chance of coming up with 10 games for the community game of the year is quickly overwhelmed by a need to put GW2 in all 10 places!
Posted 18:01 on 09 December 2012
munkee's Avatar


Argh, Bowser pirate ship, special stage 7-5 is seriously frustrating! It's driving me mad.

I take it all back. Special World 7 and 8 are solid. They are both incredibly difficult worlds that contain insanely, infuriating stages. I have all star coins up to this point, but world 8 is stripping my lives away at an alarming rate!
Posted 14:28 on 09 December 2012
rbevanx's Avatar


Assassin's Creed Liberation for the Vita which is very bland and has some of the most annoying music since the Final Fantasy games and a bit of Starhawk which I will play more of sometime.

I did mainly Medal of Honor: Warfighter and thought it was alright, never went through any bugs on my game like lots of people have said. Main negative is that as usual for a shooter the single player was short.
Also did Spec Ops: The Line again last night in the early hours of this morning and just love it.
Also did Spartan Ops on Halo 4 on Monday and can't wait for the next lot early in the new year.
Also did Fighting Vipers as I had never played it, very good but very hard for a beat em up!
Posted 12:57 on 09 December 2012
FantasyMeister's Avatar


After a week of nothing else, finally completed Far Cry 3. Having spent most of the time in singleplayer and only dabbling in multiplayer means I generally get shot to shreds whenever I enter the adversarial modes, but it's now my go to game whenever I feel the need to shoot someone in the face.

Have now started on Lego: Lord of the Rings (courtesy of MoTM, thanks guys), which absolutely terrifies me because of its ability to turn the crank on my 'must collect everything' OCD. It's going to be handy to have around for the next few months given that nothing else is on my radar.
Posted 10:42 on 09 December 2012
munkee's Avatar


I'm still running and jumping my way through Super Mario 3D Land. It's an absolutely brilliant game. There's no denying it. But, there's something a little strange happening. I can't work out if the game is comfortably easy to play, or if I'm just really good at it. I'm presuming its the former. Even now, during the special stages I'm often finishing a level with all three coins on my first attempt. It gives me a feeling of greatness, but convinces me that its easier to play than the older offerings. There are, however, a few bastard levels that will drain 20 lives in the blink of an eye if you're not careful. Hmmm, guess I've just contradicted myself.
Posted 10:21 on 09 December 2012

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