Tom Orry, Editorial Director - BioShock Infinite, PS3

BioShock Infinite screenshot

I think Infinite might be doing strange things to my head and perhaps it isn't the best game to play right before bed. The other night, having played for a couple of hours and got into the final stretch of the game, I woke during the night twice in what could be described as a delusional state. At 3 and 4 am I got up and started to get dressed for work. Is this BioShock Infinite messing with my head? And what's going to happen when I actually see the ending?

The game itself is very good, although some of the mid-game did feel a bit like filler. I'm also starting to find the combat a bit tiresome, mainly because it often descends into spamming the shotgun, repeatedly hammering the skyhook into faces, and firing off vigors in a mess of enemies, blood, and explosions. Still, I am very keen to finish the adventure this weekend, and hoping the ending is as good as people are saying.

Simon Miller, Editor-In-Chief – Darts Night, iOS

Darts Night screenshot

More often than not I use my gaming time to play titles that would be considered 'blockbusters'. This week, however, and for quite a significant time prior to this point, I've been obsessed with Darts Night on iOS. A game that asks nothing more than to swipe your finger across the touch screen to hurl a dart at a board, it's addictive enough to keep me playing for an entire 90 minute train journey. That's either obsessive or sad...

Admittedly its lifespan could be quite short – eventually I'll get sick of the fact I can't checkout with any skill or grace – but until I can beat 'Big Daddy' (which out of context gives Darts Night a completely unfair tone) I feel there will always be an excuse to continually return to it. For a piece of entertainment that cost me a grand total of £0.00 I don't think that's such a bad deal.

It's also exactly what I want from mobile gaming. Easily accessible, instantly gratifying and doesn't cost that much money.

David Scammell, Deputy News Editor - Dishonored, Xbox 360

dishonored -

Taking a look at Thief earlier in the week reminded me that I really ought to get around to finishing off Arkane's stealth 'em up. I'd put off going back to it ever since that time I embarrassed myself in front of you lot, and, well, my time in Dunwall hasn't exactly gotten any easier since.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, I'm finding Dishonored totally and utterly impenetrable. It's easily the most difficult game I've played in years, but it's also one of those rare tough games that makes me feel stupid for struggling with its difficulty, rather than cheated. It doesn't help that I've completely forgotten how to 'properly' play it and that I keep getting stuck at checkpoints with very little health, but each and every time I die, I know that it's because of an error I've made - and I end up scratching my head, asking myself how it all went wrong, or, more often than not, kicking myself for attempting something so moronic.

After umpteen times of being told 'You have met your demise', and spending a big chunk of time trying different ways to assassinate my target, I finally made it out of the High Overseer's Office alive. But then the Wolfhounds came along. And the Weepers. And again, I met my demise. If the game continues to challenge me in the way it has so far, as much as it pains me to say it, I'm not entirely sure I'll have the patience to see it through.

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Endless's Avatar


Mainly Defiance although I've only really played two sessions. But they were long. Also played some more Sonic & All Stars racing: Transformed with my son, still not unlocked all the characters and my son is distraught that we STILL have yet to unlock Dr Robotnik lol.
Posted 21:55 on 07 April 2013
FantasyMeister's Avatar


A little bit of Life is Crime on Android and not enough Defiance on XBox 360 because I've been in Wales, where I can shear a sheep faster than I can get a 0.01kb size file to download using Pembroke Dock's finest internet service.

But I am now back in Bristol, playing both, loving both, life is good.

Defiance turns out to have Episodic Missions as well as Main Missions, so I've just completed one. And it was fun, added a lot of character to the characters so to speak. I is now grinding reputation whenever possible, pursuing more main and side missions, grinding more weapons, grinding more skills, grinding more EGO, grinding more vehicles. And I'm one of those people that loves grinding, otherwise I'd probably not be playing it.
Posted 21:24 on 07 April 2013
MrHEWBO's Avatar


Spence isn't bad at fifa to be fair.
Posted 17:53 on 06 April 2013
VG_Dave's Avatar

VG_Dave@ Catterick

Spenceley beat me at FIFA yesterday, too...
Posted 17:51 on 06 April 2013
Njeezy's Avatar


Defiance for me, it's good fun although the menu takes some working out, also quad-bikes with nitro bursts are fun.
Posted 22:23 on 05 April 2013


Another Nintendo week; NFS: Most Wanted Wii U, Lego City Undercover , Black Ops 2 and Luigi's Mansion 2

Having more time to play over the bank holiday was great for a change and now I'm finally able to get on to Defiance after all the server issues. Loving it so far.
Posted 21:32 on 05 April 2013
Catterick's Avatar


Why are you so bad at games Dave?
Posted 21:03 on 05 April 2013
MJTH's Avatar


I've been playing this week New Super Mario Bros 2 for 3DS and Lego city undercover. I won NSMB2 as the MotM prize in the previous months and have only just gotten to it now. It's quite generic, one of the lower games on the list of great 2D Mario games. No where near as good as NSMBU, which I think is better then Mario World, (although Mario 3 is still the best, and the DX port of original is still my personal favourite). It's still a 7/10 fun game, which speaks volumes about the quality of the rest of the series. The coin collect side objective does add something, although not much.

As for Lego City Undercover, I love it! It's brilliant, there is so much to do so much variety, I never found myself once running round the city with having some sort of mission collectable or side objective worth doing. It's and open world, but it's not really a sand box like GTA where you can end up doing crazy things in you spare time between missions. In LC:U it's more about doing the wide variety of things the games has given you to do rather then actually creating your own fun. The humour is great as well. It's very clever how they've work in so many references and things adults would only get, but kids would laugh at. I mean, I know that the level in the scrapyard is has a parody of Starsky and Hutch and that you are dressed up as a pimp, but to any child they would just laugh at all the jokes and the funny costumes.

The only catch with LC:U is technical issues. There is occasional pop in and and the odd frame rate issue, but the loading times geese... they're terrible. It's probably got to do with for the most part the fact that it loads a cut scene quickly out of the game engine, but then has to load the entire game world in again every time. That's really the only major issue though. The longest load times aren't frequent, but they happen enough that you notice them, if you just go straight from story mission to story mission.
Posted 17:59 on 05 April 2013
MJTH's Avatar

MJTH@ munkee

I wish I was playing that but I'll have to wait and get it later this year. It does sound great though. It does sound like they worked hard to make it that good though. According to some of the Devs halfway through production Miyamoto went to check on how the boss design was going. He didn't like them, so he told to scrap every boss they had made so far and start from scratch for the most part. At times I'm not sure whether Miyamoto is a genius or a raving loony.
Posted 17:36 on 05 April 2013
munkee's Avatar


Is anybody else playing Luigi's Mansion 2? It's absolutely brilliant! The animation is incredible and the attention to detail is way beyond any AAA HD game. It's atmospheric, funny and interesting to play with some very sneaky puzzle mechanics. The collectables become an addiction without you ever intending to hunt them down. Oh, and the haunted mansions are so well designed that you'll want to explore every little nook and cranny. Possibly one of the best made games I've ever played.
Posted 17:15 on 05 April 2013

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