Tom Orry, Editor - Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Part 2, Xbox 360 and PS3

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 the Videogame screenshot

I wasn't a huge fan of the Potter games before Deathly Hallows, but looking back they at least had a certain charm - Half-Blood Prince and Order of the Phoenix even had a fully recreated virtual Hogwarts, which was great for fans to explore. Deathly Hallows - Part 2 is a straight up third-person shooter in the same vein as Gears of War and feels as though EA simply ran out of ideas. The gameplay is so tiresome that it's questionable whether diehard fans will even get anything out of the experience. For all the money and talent available to EA, it's somewhat insulting that this is the best it can produce for what is likely one of the biggest licenses going. Perhaps expecting more from a movie tie-in is foolish to begin with, but I'm not sure any fans will be satisfied with this effortless cash-in completely devoid of originality.

Disney might not have a great recent track record when it comes to delivering games to the hardcore, but you can't deny that its Pixar titles (the 8/10 scoring Toy Story 3 and Cars 2) have set a new bar for family movie-licensed gaming. Both took the raw materials and spun genuinely fun games out of it, while going to town on production values at the same time. While titles like Split/Second 2 are dead in the water, other publishers could learn a thing or two from the effort and resources ploughed into a subset of the video game industry that is usually left to ride on the license alone.

Neon Kelly, Deputy Editor - Frozen Synapse, PC

Frozen Synapse screenshot

Another week passes, and slowly but surely I feel like I'm making progress with Frozen Synapse. Granted, my advance hasn't been graded by the traditional signs - pesky things like victories, or even successful kills - but as I slowly manoeuvre my fluorescent chaps around the gloomy mazes, I take a certain pride in their considered, precise movements. Granted, the sense of achievement does dissipate somewhat when one of my troops (or vatforms, to use the correct term) get shot from halfway across the map, blood sploshing across the floor. I'm in a match against CheekyLee as we speak, so no doubt I'll soon have yet another woeful tale of tactics gone awry.

Martin Gaston, Previews Editor - Demon's Souls, PS3

Demon's Souls screenshot

I was going to regale you all with a tale about my progress in Sonic & Knuckles, but I didn't actually finish that this week so instead I'll talk about something else: Demon's Souls.

I had a chance to play Dark Souls last week, and in doing so plonked myself then-first in Namco Bandai's inter-publication UK games journalist league. I won't pretend that it didn't go to my head - I'm sure most of you know me better than that by now. Giddy with victory, I decided to start a new character in Demon's Souls, and with a swagger in my step I ventured back into Boletaria.

I died seven times on the first level. The first bloody level.

My definitive verdict? Demon's Souls can f****** **** off, the stupid **** ******* **** ****. ******* *******. ****.

Jamin Smith, Staff Writer - SpaceChem, PC

SpaceChem screenshot

SpaceChem is a bastard. An absolute bastard. I'm glad Martin convinced me to get into it, but at the same time, I hate him for what he's done. I've been playing it all week, and it's started to feel more like a second job than a game. I get home from work only to start another profession - except this time I'm a scientist, using symbols and logic to create (or break) specific compounds from (or into) single atoms. Puzzles work on multiple levels, requiring you to process multiple functions at the same time. When your head's not screwed on properly, it can be very, very confusing. It literally hurts my brain.

And yet it's immensely satisfying. Watching the solution to a problem you've been working on for three hours unfold on the screen is an incredible moment. This is a solution I'm particularly proud of. It's not particularly elegant, but it works. And that's all that matters. Watch it and tell me how clever I am.

Emily Gera, Staff Writer - Machinarium, PC

Machinarium screenshot

In the last decade and a half we’ve had a proper increase in the market worth of nostalgic gamers. The guys who grew up playing Day of the Tentacle and Gobliiins are now paying actual money for point-and-click genre throwbacks, and Machinarium caters to that quadrant of their hearts.

But it goes slightly further than that, too: it's cute and quaint but it's a legitimately good game in its own merit, which goes above and beyond the usual "combine these" gameplay tradition of the old genre thanks to the addition of decent, inventive little meta-games thrown into the mix. Highly recommend picking it up. Also it has robots.

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User Comments

Endless's Avatar

Endless@ dazzadavie

I'm not sure I can wait that long...I've actually just put the game discs back in their box after getting a few cases in to Traffic. I cant imagine what they're going to add to the game in the next desks other than more of the same slow trudging around looking for clues, interrogating purps and, going back and forth across the city with no real reason to do so. Even the occasional smattering of crime in between has been fairly dull.

I dunno i'm about ready to throw the towel in, it really does feel like a mod for GTA4 for me, along with all the things I disliked about GTA4 with all the things I liked about the GTA series taken out, pretty much what GTA 4 was anyway.

I havent actually been playing that much this week; Bit more of Dungeon Siege 3 and watching lots of films instead, catching up on a bunch of films I wanted to see but never got round to till now.
Posted 00:16 on 19 July 2011
dazzadavie's Avatar


My main game this week is LA Noire which had a slow start but got better once I hit the homicide desk. I convicted a poor man for killings his wife when I really wanted to convict someone else, but *****ed up the questions. All was put right at the end though.
Posted 20:06 on 18 July 2011
reynoldio's Avatar


Played a little Friday night MAG, some L.A.Noire and lots of Hex Defense on my phone - not much else though!
Posted 19:41 on 18 July 2011
Chaza_snake's Avatar


i got dead space so ive been playing that, itss sooo good but i havent played it at night yet, its too jumpy for that haha im only at level 3 so i have alot to play yet, ive deceided my first play through im ganna do with just the plasma cutter so i can get the trophy for it. so far the only think im not liking is that when you upgrade gear at work benches you have to use up nodes to get upgades but not every node you use gives you an upgrade, you have to build parthways to get to upgrades which means sometimes it feels like im upgrading but getting no upgrades.(if you have played dead space you will get what im on about)
Been getting back into bioshock 2, im ganna try and go for the platinum trophy but i gotta do alot before i can get there and i havent realy touched the multiplayer so i definatly need to start that this week.
Also been playing Motorstorm appocolpse, ive yet to complete campain, not that it isnt hard but the multiplayer is sheer madness and i just love it so much that i just play that more.
Also played a little bit of F1 with some people from work, it never gets old to hear my realy competivite work mate go mental down the mic when he gets knocked off at the first corner by someone who doesnt break.
This week i may play a little of gran turismo 5, i realy want to get back into it but it takes ages to get anywhere in the game so i ganna have to sit down and put a good few hours into it, might try online too, i dont think ive ever played GT5 online
Posted 19:33 on 18 July 2011
CheekyLee's Avatar


This week, I are been mostly losing at Frozen Synapse.
Posted 19:04 on 18 July 2011
p0rtalthinker's Avatar


Been playing a lot of AC: Brotherhood (finally getting around to that); finished my up Splinter Cell cooping with a buddy, finished Minerva's Den for Bioshock 2 (awesome) well as a little bit of Terraria mixed it. Yeah its been a good gaming week...
Posted 18:40 on 18 July 2011
87Sarah's Avatar


I've been playing my regular Call Of Duty: Black Ops online team death match with my friend across the road.

I had about an hour on Brotherhood which did interest me again after trying to remember all the controls. I used to be really good at fighting but I've forgotten how to control Ezio now so that's a bit difficult. I'll probably put a few more hours into it again this week.

I played Portal 2 co-op with my friend the other night, she found it quite hard to understand what she had to do after me explaining it to her. I don't think she was that interested to be honest and after about 20 minutes she said "Sar... this game is bunk" :) It's not your ordinary game so I can respect her opinion ha ha!

I have also started playing Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare 2...breathe... there are a lot of controls to take in quickly but I think I've got it. I managed to complete the training 100% gaining my first ever gamer point things on Xbox. :)

I've had a little blast on Project Gotham too which is fun.

This week will probably be spent having regular online matches on COD. A blast on Assassins Creed Brotherhood and possibly continuing my journey through Uncharted 2 as well as some more Ghost Recon and hopefully start Halo if my mate remembers to bring it over from his mothers attic. :)
Posted 15:47 on 18 July 2011
draytone's Avatar


The summer drought means I can realise my dream of taking QPR to a Champions League final in Fifa11. Three seasons in and I've won the League Cup and the FA Cup as well as promotion to the Premier League... got the Europa League to conquer but an increasingly packed scheduled of games and a small squad looks like it'll play its part.
Posted 10:00 on 18 July 2011
MrGloomy's Avatar


I'm surprised to say that I'm still playing Red Faction: Armageddon. Completed it fairly quickly but I've been playing Infestation quite a bit. To my surprise, I manages to complete all 30 waves of aliens with some random people online (75G's, woo hoo). Well done random's!

Also been playing Torchlight and looting like crazy.

Also been helping my girlfriend play 'Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom'. Not bad. It has it's charm, which has peeked both our interests.

Rock on people, rock on...
Posted 09:49 on 18 July 2011
dav2612's Avatar


I've mainly been playing Fable 3 but my interest is dipping ever time I play it.
Posted 09:20 on 18 July 2011
xboxlive's Avatar


Just started playing Deadly premonition,Enjoying it so far,apart from the driving in it lol
Posted 09:08 on 18 July 2011
Wido's Avatar


GTA IV for me. Finished it yesterday but with the continous playing of the game. I'm now growing tired of the game, so I won't be touching it till Tuesday. May give Vanquish a play tomorrow, as that has been screaming at me for a while now to replay. Such a charm of a game Vanquish.
Posted 22:21 on 17 July 2011
FantasyMeister's Avatar


My endless loop of Borderlands <> Test Drive Unlimited 2 finally got broken this week. I decided to try out something 'new' - Fallout: New Vegas. Such is my backlog. On the plus side New Vegas has had 5 updates since I bought it and I've yet to encounter a bug.

I also took the wrapper off Crackdown 2 and had a quick blast, then quickly remembered how much heartache is involved in collecting 500 Agility Orbs, so went back to New Vegas sharpish.

A fun week in other words, but at the back of my mind is the persistent yet completely pointless urge to upgrade weapons in Borderlands and progress on the leaderboards in TDU2, so I suspect they'll be reappearing next week.
Posted 21:16 on 17 July 2011

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