2. Mass Effect 2 - Xbox 360, PC, January 29

As much as we hate to engage with the whole 360 vs PS3 debate, it's fairly clear that 2009 was the year Sony struck back, at least as far as platform exclusives are concerned. This year the battle will be tighter than ever, and Mass Effect 2 is one of Microsoft's heaviest hitters. Commander Shephard's first adventure was a colossal sci-fi outing, a wild success that introduced a new generation to the action RPG genre. This year's successor promises a much improved set of shooting mechanics, a grander scope and a much darker tone. If Mass 1 was A New Hope, Mass 2 will be The Empire Strikes Back. Expect great things.

1. Last Guardian - PS3

This is not, as you might erroneously imagine, a game about a man battling to grab the final copy of his favourite left wing newspaper. No, this is the latest project from Fumito Ueda - the Japanese creator of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. It would be a massive understatement to say that expectations are riding high on this one: people have been thrashing about in a collective hype-gasm ever since the first internal trailer leaked (you know, that one with the boy, the giant-griffin thing, and the music from Miller's Crossing). In any case, the fuss is pretty understandable. Ueda-san and his team made two of the best games in the history of video gaming, and this will be their first work on the PS3. Who doesn't want to see what they can do?

Our top 50 most anticipated games of 2010: 50-41 | 40-31 | 30-21 | 20-11 | 10-1

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guyderman's Avatar


I'm not that excited about Fable 2 at no. 7 - I've already played it! :)
Posted 12:22 on 08 January 2010

User Comments

altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ sonic_freak

They changed it from Fable II to Fable III after guyderman's post.

At the time of writing guyderman was correct. :)

Edit: I'm seriously thinking of selling my Xbox 360 (plus games) and buying a PS3 in its place. The PS3 games coming out this year look excellent.
Posted 10:06 on 10 January 2010
sonic_freak's Avatar

sonic_freak@ guyderman

That's Fable 3 they have on the list not Fable 2 lol!
Posted 03:02 on 10 January 2010
Diesel22's Avatar


Damn too late NO Gears 3
Posted 22:54 on 09 January 2010
altaranga's Avatar

altaranga@ thpcplayer

In that case remind me never to call for you if I'm in danger, spidey.

Gears of War 3: Next Gen.

Belive me when I say I am more than disappointed.
Posted 20:08 on 08 January 2010
JediKnight's Avatar


Looking forward to Galaxy...so I can play something on the Wii.

And Halo Reach.

Heavy Rain looks amazing and will hold off until it comes out.
Posted 18:30 on 08 January 2010
Edito's Avatar


Great List but Fable hummm doesn't sound good but i wasn't surprised with Last Guardian @ top of the list cause im to busy in this one im a PS3 fan but im a Halo fan too and i can't wait to see Reach... but with no doubt PS3 has a strong line up this year and with a bit of luck this year could be the YEAR lets hope and hope MS and xbox have a good year without stealing PS exclusives lol...
Posted 17:09 on 08 January 2010
GeNeCyDe1993's Avatar


Fully impressed with the list there guys :) Im honestly considering gettign a Ps3 just for The Last Guardian when it comes out...if its anything like SOTC then it will be unmissable.
Posted 16:26 on 08 January 2010
MJTH's Avatar


Great top 50, really looking for to super mario galaxy 2, but a little disapointed that no tatsunoko vs capcom on this list but i'll live. ;)
Posted 16:25 on 08 January 2010
rbevanx's Avatar

rbevanx@ Karlius

Well with all the hype I'm expecting Alan Wake to be a classic. It better be good Karlius, your reputation is at stake man :tounge:
Posted 16:09 on 08 January 2010
El-Dev's Avatar


I definatley be getting 3 out of the top 10 maybe more. This year is gonna be good!
Posted 16:06 on 08 January 2010


I want them all! :D

The Last Guardian looks excellent in particular.
Posted 15:44 on 08 January 2010
thpcplayer's Avatar

thpcplayer@ altaranga

no. it's not UT 4 . It is gears 3. My spidey sense tells me that :p
Posted 15:41 on 08 January 2010
altaranga's Avatar


Gears 3 won't be out until the next-gen console release. So about 4 years time.

But there was an Unreal cryptic teaser a couple of months ago, hinting at a possible new Epic game for 2010. Perhaps a new Unreal Tournament? Who knows?
Posted 15:38 on 08 January 2010
Karlius's Avatar


I can understand the lack of anticipation for Alan Wake. As it's been due for years and is hard to build up anticipation for. However once a firm date is set I'm sure we'll all be blown away!
Posted 15:37 on 08 January 2010
thpcplayer's Avatar

thpcplayer@ Karlius

I agree. It will be biggest 360 exclusive not halo reach by any means. that's just a remake O.o. it should be in top 5 but it aint even in top 50 lol
I would have had alan wake much higher. Somewhere in top 10 methinks.
Posted 15:33 on 08 January 2010

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