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Just how well will the Wii handle lightsaber action?

When Nintendo president Satoru Iwata unveiled the Wii Remote at the September 2005 Tokyo Game Show, most gamers immediately thought one thing and one thing only: "I hope to God they make a Star Wars game with that!"

How apt then that late last night, two years after we first began wrapping our heads around Nintendo's wand and with 2007's Tokyo Game Show just around the corner, developer LucasArts potentially made every male nerd's wet dream come true with the announcement that Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be coming to the Wii as well as the Xbox 360 and the PS3 in Spring 2008. That's right, finally the wand we've been waving at our TV screens like donuts for a year will finally fulfil its true destiny and become a lightsaber.

It doesn't stop there either. Exclusive to the Wii version, which is being developed by Krome Studios, who are also handling the PS2, and PSP versions of the game, is a duel mode allowing players to use the Wii Remote in a head-to-head lightsaber battle with their friends. The Nunchuck will be used to control the player's Force powers. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I'm thinking epicness, the trademark sound effects of the lightsaber booting up and humming in the air as you casually wave the wand coming out of the Wii Remote speaker, and those Force chokes, oh yes, Force chokes, implemented by slowly raising the Nunchuck.

Immediately fans hit the Internet to discuss the announcement, some with wide-eyed enthusiasm, others with an unhealthy dose of scepticism. "Can it even work?" seems to be a popular concern. While I won't get bogged down in the technical specifics of the one to one mapping (on screen movements match exactly your movements with the wand), if we simply look at the games that have already come out for the Wii, there is certainly cause for concern.

Most Wii owners will know first hand that there is, at best, a small delay between your actions with the wand and the action on screen. Most will admit that launch game Red Steel, which gave the player the opportunity to use a samurai sword, didn't set the world alight. Other games, like Harry Potter, which sees you waving the wand like a... err, wand, worked, but your didn't see Harry cast a spell until you triggered it with an appropriate motion. The less said about the latest Tiger Woods on the Wii the better.

2 -

Are we going to be having fun next spring?

Funnily enough, the baseball mini-game on Wii Sports is perhaps the closest thing we have so far to a fun lightsaber-ish experience, with the bat swings mimicking pretty closely your actual movements and with only a small delay. You can see why some have said Star Wars: The Force Unleashed will be nothing more than a port of the PS2 version with little or no real lightsaber wielding.

Right now, it's impossible to know if the game will be any good or not, with scant information on how the game will work available. But what we do know is that there is already a great deal of pressure on the developers to make sure the game works to a level deemed acceptable by the passionate Star Wars horde.

And we have this nugget from Jim Ward, president of LucasArts to give us hope: "The Wii is a great platform for The Force Unleashed, because the console's motion-oriented controllers really bring the game to life. We've worked hard to make the Wii version of the game unique in order to truly let you unleash the Force."

On behalf of all gamers across the Galaxy, Jim, I hope you're right.

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Da_Best's Avatar


dont know if it will be accurate
Posted 10:06 on 28 September 2007
Iamasillyman's Avatar


It is like a sword, only futuristic, and Pirates of the Carrabean 3 worked fine. Except not many moves... it doesn't do what you wanna do... but... LONG LIVE THE NINTENDO WII!!!
Posted 15:12 on 27 September 2007
Da_Best's Avatar


i think that they will work but the way you will swing will be a bit off the target plus it does not look that good
(i wouldn't get it)
Posted 13:03 on 25 September 2007
iloveeggs's Avatar
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should be fun but also kinda hard{UDN}bill is gay
Posted 22:39 on 24 September 2007
dunnethat2's Avatar
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This looks like it could be a really good game with the wii's motion control. However the graphics could be a complete flop. I also don't think the lightsaber idea was that much of a brilliant idea because I don't want my chacater to be controlled by the game.
Posted 02:17 on 21 September 2007
swebb's Avatar
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Its not gonna work, not in a free movement mode anyway. Theres a big problem with mapping movements. If you swing and your opponent blocks, whats supposed to happen? Well what will happen is your on screen avatar will have to stop his swing whilst you continue to arc thru the air like a crazy fool. Somehow the game has to re-map your avatars movements to your won. Not gonna look too good.
Posted 23:10 on 20 September 2007
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how about a lightsabre in which the remote could slot into like we saw with the sports accessary pack.
Posted 00:09 on 20 September 2007
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