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Let's talk about the elephant in the room straight away. Before joining, and for the last eight months, I was working as a PR for now deceased publisher THQ. RIP. Prior to this I found myself down at Imagine Publishing where I spent six years writing for and heading up such publications as X360 and Games TM. While the latter will probably wash over most of you, the fact I was a PR may raise a few eyebrows, which is mainly why I decided to raise it from the off.

Attracted to the role thanks to my love of professional wrestling (one of a handful of weird passions I have that also include bodybuilding, Batman and Metallica) I enjoyed my time there, felt it gave me an even greater knowledge of the industry and was sad when it was forced to close its doors earlier this year.

With that said, I'm excited that the clichéd closing of one door and another opening has meant I now find myself as editor of I've been playing games for well over 20 years - my first experience coming when I watched a friend fail miserably at the NES 'classic' Kung Fu - and my love for them has only grown since then. Ocarina of Time remains my most cherished gaming experience, I think Dragon Age is one of the best games ever made (seriously), I quite regularly ask Rare to develop a new R.C. Pro-Am, I struggle to play anything that's even remotely scary and the 301 hours I put into Oblivion still weigh heavily on my shoulders.

While a changing of the guard is always likely to create some intrigue, rest assured I'm here to make the best it can be for both those reading this now and new readers in the future. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have and intend to involve the community even more into the mix over the coming weeks and months. Hopefully before long you'll know me a little better than you do now and this can be the start of something special.

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You have large shoes to fill... and that's not said lightly - Tom comes from circus stock, so they're over-size clown shoes!
Good luck! ;P
Posted 20:50 on 02 April 2013

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Looking forward to the changes to the site and to see your input Miller. Master Miller, like the guy from Metal Gear Solid!

I'm a long time subscriber of gamesTM - always wanted to work for that particular publication, what was it like? I really want to be know!!
Posted 22:27 on 11 April 2013
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Ahoy! Welcome :) Looking forward to the Simon Miller Minute.
Posted 19:03 on 03 April 2013
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I just love the Dragon Age (and yes, I mean Origins) template. Although it's more or less a riff of what BioWare had been doing for years, it struck a chord. That whole fantasy RPG with an overarching story usually wins out with me. Was the same with Mass Effect and KOTOR but from the sci-fi angle. Also explains the 301 hours into Oblivion...!
Posted 14:37 on 03 April 2013
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Posted 12:41 on 03 April 2013
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Originally Posted by Jam_Sponge
The combat in Mass Effect gets gradually much better - by ME3 the fighting is ACE. Still, the story in the first ME game is probably still the best by a longshot. I'd love it if they remade the whole series with the ME3 combat engine...
Word. I think Mass Effect was still a better game than both overall, but the combat in 2/3 is incredibly good considering the complexity. That said, I'm super disappointed they didn't fix the cover and targeting glitches from ME2.

I didn't have a problem with the combat in ME1 - I still thought it was very good - but 2/3 had a flow to the combat that just didn't exist in 1. That said, Mass Effect 1 is still my favourite game of this generation.

[edit]Okay I swear I made a post in this thread yesterday, but it's disappeared :s oh well
Posted 11:09 on 03 April 2013
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dudester@ EverTheOptimist

Ever this was my opinion I have almost no interest in general in fantasy. Elfs, orcs, magic were all extremely boring for me. Then I played dragon age and was changed forever.
Posted 10:31 on 03 April 2013
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Well, howdy, Mr. Miller.
Posted 09:54 on 03 April 2013
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Any game with 'Dragon' in the title sounds like it won't appeal to me, but I won't hold it against Simon or any of you guys. I'm a right fusspot when it comes to games and I've learnt my lesson by purchasing games I think I 'might' enjoy (I play them once and then never again)
Posted 09:51 on 03 April 2013
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Jam_Sponge@ DancingRhino

The combat in Mass Effect gets gradually much better - by ME3 the fighting is ACE. Still, the story in the first ME game is probably still the best by a longshot. I'd love it if they remade the whole series with the ME3 combat engine...

As for Dragon Age, I'd defo say it's better on PC - not just a case of graphics here either, it's all about the fact that the strategic combat works much better with a keyboard and mouse. It's a bit of a slow-burner, but I thought the story and world in Dragon Age was awesome: It didn't reinvent the fantasy-wheel, but the sense of place was brilliant. I really need to make time for The Witcher 2, though...
Posted 09:20 on 03 April 2013
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Dc I believe if you try Dragon age origins on pc its alot less ugly you may find it boring tho I didn't I loved it.
Posted 08:34 on 03 April 2013
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Hmm, played dragon age on xbox 360 and found it boring and ugly.

I haven't played baldurs gate 2 to my shame (I've bought it ready to play this year) but I don't get on with a lot of bioware stuff. knights of the old republic - got easy and boring. Mass effect - wow the combat was bad. So bad the claims of mass effect 2 being much better have not persuaded me to play it.
Posted 01:19 on 03 April 2013
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Jam_Sponge@ Username1

The first Dragon Age game was MINT. I didn't even realise that was something people disputed. Still, if you're going to whack classic PC RPGs on the table then let's not mess about: BG2 was ace, but Planescape: Torment was better. ;)
Posted 01:07 on 03 April 2013
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Oh wait, professional wrestling like WWE and all that?

Click for Image
Posted 00:06 on 03 April 2013
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yay!! Miller!!
Posted 22:35 on 02 April 2013
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altaranga@ s_h_a_d_o

Posted 21:47 on 02 April 2013
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